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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Haunted World

Have you ever wondered if there were places in the world that were haunted by the spirits and ghosts of those who have passed? Well, this blog is goning to tell you about some of those haunted places in the world.

  • Tajikistan Border
    • Hindu Kush Mountains- haunted by the Ail, feminine looking spirits with floating hair, glacier white skin, eyes that look like white orbs. They haunt a region where the sun rises so high you can't even see your own shadow or at night. There are no farmers or nomads tehre during the day, and make sure to treat them with respect, as they are quite hostile and violent
  • Kabul
    • Kabul University- Some of the abandoned dorm buildings were said to be used by the Taliban to torture and kill people who defied them. It's said you can smell rotting flesh, fecal matter, and other bodily wastes, and can see spirits of the victims, or hear crying and screaming.
  • New South Wales
    • Maitland Jail- many hauntings, lights seen, cold spots felt, considered to be the most haunted place in all of Australia
    • Wollongong/Horsley- many years ago, a girl was brutally murdered on the side of the Bong Bong Road. Another girl was brutally murdered here when she was hit by a car, it's said that the spirits are angry, looking for their killer
  • Sydney
    • Penrith/Orchard Hills- this was once an old Mafia house. In the tower in the top of the house, they would take people who were thought to be betrayers up there and shoot them. At night, a light in the tower comes on, and a figure in white can be seen coming down the lawn
  • Queensland
    • Brisbane/Boogo Road Gaol- this prison is famous for what is called the Black Hole(a series of solitary confinement cells). Home to many tortured souls
    • Innisfall Cemetery- many old Italian mausoleums, sounds of heavy breathing
  • Victoria
    • Old Melbourne Gaol- the ghost of Australian bushranger Ned Kelly is often seen within these walls, where he was hanged. His ghost is often seen within the walls of this colonial-era prison

  • Itenhaem
    • The Dream Beach- This beach has especially strong paranormal activity at night, where people who live near the beach say that they are woken up in the middle of the night by a strange noise, as if someone were breathing hard above their faces. At night, a ghostly couple is seen going into the water, because they were honeymooning there and a big tidal wave swept them out to sea.
  • Alberta
    • Calgary/Grace Hospital- In the delivery room, it's said that a ghostly woman can be seen holding a baby. She bangs on pipes, walls, opens windows, but is not a threat. The ghost is believed to be of Maudine Riley, she was giving birth and died from complications in the EXACT room she haunts. She fears for any woman giving birth in the same room, because she fears they may suffer the same fate.
  • Beijing
    • Buma Inn- the ghost that haunts this downtown hotel is the spirit of a guest who was poisoned by the chef. The chef committed suicide, and now it's said that the spirits of the chef and the guest haunt the hotel, the guest looking for the chef that killed them.
  • Chengde
    • Yun Shan Fan Dian- This hotel is haunted by a man in Western-style clothing, and a lady in ancient Chinese empress clothing who hangs around the end of the 8th floor corridor, looking down the balcony. Most of the spirits are in ancient Chinese suits and cheongsams(dresses with high collars)
  • Hong Kong
    • Tuen Mun Road- since 1978, many lives have been claimed on this highway. Because of the high death toll, ghosts are to blame because they appear out from nowhere, causing drivers to swerve to avoid them, and ending in a crash.
  • Berkshire
    • Prospect Park- sightings of the Headless Horseman, sightings of a young woman pushing a pram(Victorian name for baby carriage), she walks thru a tree and disappears.
  • Chillingham, Northumberland- Chillingham Castle- Very famous for torture and killing. This was hte 1st line of defense for England in the battle against the Scottish. A little boy in blue is seen sometimes, and this castle is famous for John Sage, who was famous for his part on the battlefield, and then given the role of torturer after he lost his leg.
  • Avebury
    • The Red Lion Pub- said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman named Florrie. Legend has it that she was caught in bed with another man by her husband and was thrown down into a well in the pub. She now haunts the place, looking for revenge. Reports of noises, and feelings of fingers running thru your hair
  • Bedfordshire
    • RAF Chicksands/The Priory- This building once housed monks and nuns. Legend has it that a monk and a nun had an affair. Reports of seeing a ghostly woman wandering the halls of the Priory, and there is also a tunnel that runs under the Priory to the local town that was sealed because according to the locals of that town, there were numerous violent attacks by unseen entities on visitors.
  • Birmingham
    • Dudley Castle- haunted by 4 spirits!
      • 1.-The Grey Lady- thought to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, who died in childbirth and is said to walk the castle because her husband was not present at the funeral
      • 2. The Medieval Lady- during a medieval evening in 1983, there was an authentic dress competition. In the crowd, the judges seen a woman wearing a sackcloth, a grey shawl, and sackcloth on her feet, she disappeared but not before winning 1st prize!
      • 3. The Black Monk- occasionally a monk in black robes is seen frequently by visitors, and sometimes by staff
      • 4. Lady Jane- was once a resident of the castle, but was beheaded. She walks the grounds making herself known

  • Bristol
    • University of Bristol- the ghost of the Headless Horseman can often be seen wandering at night on his black horse along Tyndall Street. He's also been seen near the Art and Social Sciences building

  • Derby
    • The Ostrich Pub- opened in the Middle Ages, with an innkeeper named Jarmen. It's said that he wasn't very nice, when the rich patrons would stay there, he designed a machine that would tip these rich nobles thru a trap door and into a boiling pot of oil. The spirits of the nobles still lurk around, especially the pantry, where their bodies were kept before Jarmen stole their money

  • Dorset
    • Bettiscombe Manor- There is a human skull in the manor. Whenever there is an outbreak of war coming, it sweats blood!!!! And if it is taken from the house, it is said that the house is filled with a high pitched, shrill, Banshee-like screaming and won't stop until it's returned!!
    The sweating, bleeding skull!
  • London
    • Heathrow Airport- the ghost of someone named Dick Turpin can be seen around here. He had been haunting the neighborhood of Heathrow since the 1700s, and can be seen most often on the runways on a brown horse in British colonial style clothes.
    • Whitechapel- the ghost of Jack the Ripper's first victim, Polly Nichols, hangs around here where her body was found 
    • St. James Park- Near a river bridge in the park, a headless monk is seen and is said to walk in front of people and then disappear!
  • Newstead
    • Newstead Abbey- 2 ghosts haunt this mansion, one is called the White Lady, the other called the Black Widow. Many people try to talk to the White Lady, but disappears, and if the Black Widow is seen, she can cause severe chaos and cause someone's life to be ruined!
  • Southeast coast
    • Reculver Towers- dates back to Roman times, it's considered to be a very dark and gloomy place, there is so much paranormal activity here it goes off the charts! This place is considered to be the most haunted place in all of Kent, England
  • Babenhausen
    • Babenhausen Kaserne/Museum- reports of seeing soldiers in Nazi-era uniforms, voices in teh basements, and lights going on/off by themselves.
    • Barracks- toilets flushing by themselves, woman talking "backwards" on the phones
    • Barracks!
  • Bitburg
    • Bitburg Air Force Base- Near the French Cassern, which is a group of older buildings where the Nazis would hold meetings. Reports of doors locking, furniture moving around.
  • Dachau
    • Concentration camp- located near Munich. Odd shapes in red and black on 18 pictures taken in/out of buildings, including living quarters and old gas chambers
  • Heidelberg
    • Witches Tower/Nazi Ampitheatre- located near Heidelberg Castle, Celtic ruins, a Nazi ampitheatre for Nazi rallies during the 1930s and 1940s. Strange "electric" feelings here on moonless nights, feeling of wanting to leave quickly, apparitions, wailing, and everything!
  • Schweinfurt
    • Conn Barracks- Was the site of an old Nazi hospital, psyche ward is now used by US soldiers. Long ago there were 2 US soldiers staying here in a room that was once the drainage room(room used for embalming) and they wok to find a ghostly Nazi soldier standing over them making comments to a nurse in German. The nurse began choking the soldier and they came out of the dream.
  • Hanoi
    • Ba Dinh Place- Ho Chi Minh appears in bloody body
  • Saigon
    • Tao Dan Public Park- 10 years ago, a couple was enjoying their privacy when they were attacked. The man was killed in the attack, but his girlfriend was raped many times. People say they see this young lover looking for his girlfriend
  • Bombay
    • Bombay Supreme Court- For over 30 years, whenever a murder trial is going to take place, a vengeful ghost makes itself known by swearing and terrorizing anyone brave enough to enter.
  • Northern Ireland
    • Magherafelt/Olivands Hill- the top of the hill is the highest point in town, and there is an old house with 5 old oak trees. These trees were used for hanging, but the most famous hanging was that of a woman who was heavily pregnant at the time of her death. She committed suicide over the shame of pregnancy before marriage. She is said to be seen in an old gray dress and she is weeping
  • Roscrea
    • Black Death Hospital- This lies in a paddock on Roscre Island. This hospital dealt with all those who had fallen victim to the black death. 10 years ago, when new sewer pipes were being put in, without warning, the skulls and bones of 50+ kids fell into the ditch! If you are there at night, the spirits of those kids will try and drag you into the ground to join them!
This isn't it, this is a church in Roscrea, Ireland.
  • Florence
    • Belvedere Fort- on one side of the Arno River is Belvedere Fort. It was an area of land developed after the Industrial Revolution. Witches were burned at the stake here, numerous incarcerations, executions, murders, etc. During the day, the labyrinthe-like streets vibrate with paranormal energy. At night, however, things change. Footsteps in the dark, children's laughing and singing, voices in the empty alleyways
  • Pompeii
    • Site of the famous volcano eruption. Shadows seen, sulfur smelled, screams heard, 2,000 people died here.
  • Venice
    • Island of No Return-voices and footsteps heard, and an overall sense of evil oozes from this island, and locals refuse to even go near it!
    • Poveglia Island- not open to tourists! This is the location where victims of the Black Plague were taken to die. And the ones with the Plague that were still alive were taken here and put into "plague pits", basically holes in the ground where they would rot. Hundreds or even thousands of bodies were put into holes and burned, left to rot in the open or buried alive.
  • Montego Bay
    • The Great House/Rose Hall- haunted by Annie Palmer, aka the White Witch of Rose Hall. She was into voodoo, and was said to have killed 3 husbands in the house, including the owner, John Palmer, of England. She killed slaves too, including the babies, and used their bones and parts in her voodoo rituals. She was killed by a slave. Ironic, huh? She killed slaves for voodoo, and yet a slave killed her.
  • Atsugi Naval Base
    • BEQ 985- the spirit of a young man is often seen here. He is believed to be the spirit of a young Navy officer that died in a car crash in the 1960s
  • Hiroshima, Nagasaki- Not suprisingly, the souls of the victims haunt this place. Screaming and crying is heard, voices pleading for help is heard around nightfall. It's said that these souls lurk in the shadows of the living
  • Iwakuni
    • Barracks 1687/Room 301- a Marine living there a few years ago committed suicide. In a drunken stupor, the Devil Dog broke his mirror and he used the broken fragments to slit his wrists. Late at night, if you look into the mirror, you can see the face of the Marine looking back at you!
  • Kanagawa
    • Atsugi Naval Air Facility/The Corrosion Bay Hangar- on the other side of the base is a hangar that was once used by the Imperial Japanese Kamikaze pilots. After Imperial Japan surrendered, these guys killed themselves in this hangar, believing they disgraced their nation. At night, doors can be heard slamming, see sets of "floating red eyes" from the back of the bay. One night, a night guard says he seen a soldier in Imperial Japanese clothing walk thru the bay doors and out the exit.
  • Okinawa
    • Camp Hansen/Gate 3- every weekend, a soldier in WWII era Japanese uniform with cigarette in hand and bloodstained fatigues approaches the guard and says "Gotta light?" as soon as the guard lights the cigarette, the soldier disappears
    • Across the road- once there was a fierce Samurai battle. At night you can hear the moans of the wounded Samurai
    • USAF Storage Area- reports of white mists coming through the air vents, apparitions standing at end of beds, cold spots, lights going on/off, TVs and radios coming on by themselves, feelings of hair being stroked by unseen forces, feeling of being dragged from bed and having real scratches!
  • Yokohama
    • Ikego/The Middle Gate- Was once a WWII concentration camp for thousands of Chinese and Koreans, who were often killed by the Japanese Army. It's now a US military housing unit. There are 5 incinerators that still are around and 3 gates to separate it from the rest of the Japanese community. Middle gate- unexplained voices, footsteps heard, feelings of being watched, between the middle and back gate a WWII Japanese soldier with no legs is seen
  • Yokosuka Naval Base
    • Gridley Tunnel- narrow, one way tunnel running from Gridley Lane to Nimitz Road. Numerous reports about a man dressed in ancient Japanese Samurai armor. Reports are all the same, people who drive thru look in their rearview mirror and see this 'Samurai' who wasn't there previously. He is seen most often on rainy nights between midnight-1:00am. Legend has it that he was on his way to battle when he was ambushed. And since he did not accomplish his mission, he is doomed to stay there forever!
  • Inchon
    • Battelfields- many North/South Koreans died here. Sounds include gunfire, strong swearing, screaming in agony, explosions
  • Seoul
    • University of Seoul- souls of the living dead either help or hinder the students attending the university, depending on how they behave. In some rooms in the dorm buildings, there are sweet smells, like perfume, where as in others, there are more disturbing ones, like the pungent smell of blood.
  • Kuala Lumpur
    • Victoria Institution- during the Japanese occupation of Malaysia, this all boys school was a Japanese base of operations. Reports of spirits in the day and night being seen and even some possessing the students! The ones possessed would act strangely, even violently, hurting students and staff, only to snap out of it a few hours later.
  • Kuala Kangsar
    • Malay College Kuala Kangsar- this was the site of a former Japanese occupation center in WWII. Students are often woken up by something staring directly down at them, sounds of a platoon marching in the nearby field, sounds of chains, and the sight of a man hanging from tree on the campus
  • Tijuana
    • U.S./Mexico Border- at night, balls of light are seen, as well as the figure of a person seen swimming offshore
The Netherlands
  • Amsterdam
    • Anne Frank's Secret Annex- cold spots are felt in certain places in her room. If you come here at night, the ghost that is believed to be Anne herself can be seen staring out the window, motionless, reports of loud, rumbling noise down the stairs leading to the basement connected to an event while Anne lived there, a sack of uncooked beans fell down the stairs
  • Lima
    • Casa Matusita- nicknamed for the electronics/housewares store on 1st floor. It's a windowless house located diagonally across the street from the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Lima. Legend has it that a man of Chinese descent and his family lived there. He was a heavy gambler, and one day, gambled away all his money, went mad, and killed his wife and kids
  • Baguio City
    • Philippine Military Academy- late at night, a platoon can be heard marching in the parade grounds, a ghostly cadet in white uniform is seen, a priest who was beheaded during the Japanese occupation, and a nurse in white can all be seen
  • Iloilo City
    • Central Philippine University- founded by American missionaries and during WWII, missionaries were executed by Japanese soldiers
  • Manila
    • Ozone Disco- one night there was a real bad fire, and it occurred during a typical night at the disco. With everyone pushing and panicking, no one got out. At night, disco music can be heard and figures seen dancing, but totally unexplainable!
    • Rizal Park- in the ruins outside the park, the spirits of angry Japanese soldiers lurk around. When it was blasted, it killed many Japanese soldiers. There are cold spots,  strong menacing feelings

  • Muntinlupa
    • San Jose Village- local legend has it that when there is a pregnant woman around, an overgrown black bird with powerful wings can be heard circling the village. It's said that that wings are so powerful that you can feel the wind only where you stand.
Puerto Rico
  • San German
    • The Gates of Hell- on the corner of Street B and C of Sabana Eneas, if you put your face into the exact middle of the street and pray to the Devil saying his name 13 times, you may hear teh sounds of Hell and even see what it's like!
  • Walachia
    • Transylvania- according to local legend, Hunedora Castle is known for being the last home of Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula. His spirit is said to still roam the halls of the castle, where his victims were impaled/tortured. In 1 room, 2 children were murdered while they slept, in another, a servant discovered his wife was having an affair and drove a spike into her skull. and Dracula's medallion(which he used to call upon the Devil for power) was found in the castle. This scared off any people doing renovations.
  • Changi Road
    • Old Changi Hospital- very creepy in middle of the night. Reports about seeing Japanese and British soldiers marching away
South Africa
  • Cape Town
    • Mine Quarry- nothing visible. At bottom, stagnant pool of water. Heavy feelings and deep, abusive, sinister voices. You become overwhelmed with feelings of not understanding anything, a deep and sickening stench that doesn't leave, it stays with you. It's also said that the voices and stench will attack violently at random intervals.

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