Life is what happens when you are making other plans~ John Lennon
An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind~Gandhi
The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hilarious signs redone

Here are some street signs to make you laugh. WARNING: you might find yourself laughing until your eyes water

1. The cat is dangerous
2. Bill Stickers is found not guilty by a court of law
3. Decisions, decisions...
4. Very creative
5. I'll give you until the count of three
6. Surprise ahead!
7. Hide whatever is in your hands
8. "Smoking pie"? Must be some new drug
9. It's a massive wave of snakes
10. Maybe someone should play that song by The Fray...
11. The new neighborhood protector-Batman!
12. Wolverine has been spotted in the area
13. It's good to be the King
14. Calling all MC Hammer fans...
15. A new way of getting that daily coffee
16. Ready for a hot date
17. Not recommended for people who can't do math
18. Very true
19. This is war! (If you're familiar with the game God of War, you'll know the main character, Kratos, often says this)
20. iPaid too much. Yes you did!
21. When even the escalator is having a rough day
22. Some people can be just too literal...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Steve Harris

This is the bass player for legendary British metal band Iron Maiden
DOB: 3/12/1956
Where: Leytonstone, London, England

-His Fender Precision bass

-Founder of British metal band Iron Maiden
-He taught himself how to play the bass guitar
-The song "Blood Brothers" is dedicated to his father, who died while Steve was on tour with Maiden
-Current and former members of Iron Maiden refer to him as a control freak
-He is the primary songwriter for Iron Maiden

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lyrics to "A Touch of Evil" by Judas Priest

I never knew this was one of their songs from the 1990s. It apparently appeared on their 1990 Painkiller album. It's an overall good song and the video for it is amazing! But, then again, almost anything Judas Priest sings, I'm probably gonna listen to!!

You mesmerise slowly
Till I can't believe my eyes
Ecstasy controls me
What you give just serves me right

Without warning you're here
Like magic you appear
I taste the fear

I'm so afraid
But I still feed the flame

In the night
Come to me
You know I want your Touch of Evil
In the night
Please set me free
I can't resist a Touch of Evil

Aroused with desire
You put me in a trance
A vision of fire
I never had a chance

A dark angel of sin
Preying deep from within
Come take me in

I'm so afraid
But I still feed the flame

In the night
Come to me
You know I want your Touch of Evil
In the night
Please set me free
I can't resist a Touch of Evil

Arousing me now with a sense of desire
Possessing my soul till my body's on fire

A dark angel of sin
Preying deep from within
Come take me in

I'm so afraid
But I still feed the flame

You're possessing me

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bruce Dickinson

Everyone knows him as "The Air Raid Siren", the lead singer of legendary British metal band Iron Maiden
Birth name: Paul Bruce Dickinson
DOB: 8/7/1958
Where: Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England
Height: 5'6''
Nicknames: The Air Raid Siren

-His high pitched, almost operatic singing voice which earned him the nickname "The Air Raid Siren"
-Song specific stunts, such as wearing a 19th century British Army jacket and holding a Union Jack when singing "The Trooper"
-Saying "Scream to Me" during concerts
-Lead singer of Iron Maiden since 1982
-He joined Iron Maiden in 1981 after their original singer Paul DiAnno was fired
-One of his biggest hobbies is fencing
-One year when Bon Jovi headlined at Donnington Park, Bruce, Dee Snider and Paul Stanley sung with Bon Jovi on stage during the last song of the night. Bruce, wearing shorts with a pattern of the Union Jack (British flag for those who may not know), didn't know the words to the song being played, so he ran around with the lyrics on a piece of paper, reading them
-Has three children with his wife Paddy Bowden: Griffin Dickinson, Austin Dickinson, Kia Michelle Dickinson
-He was promoted to Captain for UK-based airline Astraeus Airlines
Him in a suit? That's something I never thought I would see :D But cool none the less
-Is a fully licensed pilot. He often flies the Iron Maiden jet, dubbed Ed Force One
How awesome is this? A metal band as legendary as Iron Maiden whose lead singer is also a pilot? Awesome!!!!

Engineering Fails

How these engineers ever got a degree is beyond me!

1. Forget "Stairway to Heaven". This is a "Stairway to Nowhere
2. For those with only half a rear
3. Close, but no cigar
4. This would be good, if you don't like fresh air or actual sunlight
5. Water + electricity = free trip to the emergency room
6. Thomas the Train is going to have a splitting headache...
7. Seriously?
8. This can't be good
9. Unless you have a hover craft, you're not getting in
10. You would think that the people who built this building would have used Google Maps to see this building after construction. You wouldn't catch me dead anywhere near a building that resembled a swastika
11. Duck!
12. Obviously the contractors who built this building had a rough week...
13. Watch that last step...
14. A balcony with nowhere to go
15. No risk of identity theft here; even you can't see your pin number
16. This is a HIGHLY awkward situation. Most normal people like privacy when using the facilities; here there is no privacy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


-Four boys-Michael Sullivan, John Reilly, Tommy Marcano and Lorenzo Carcaterra- live in Hell's Kitchen in 1960s New York. They run the streets like it's their own personal playground. One day, they pull a prank on an unsuspecting new hot dog vendor. While Lorenzo, the youngest and smallest, runs off with a hot dog in hand, the vendor chases him, leaving his cart unattended. The other boys push it to the edge of an open subway stairwell with the intention of letting it go. Unfortunately, a man gets hurt in the process and as a result, the four boys are sentenced to the Wilkinson Home for Boys, an upstate New York juvenile delinquents home. There the boys are systematically targeted for rape and abuse by the guards there. Two come out deadly as ever, while two try and forget the terror that occurred there

-Kevin Bacon: Sean Nokes
-Billy Crudup: Tommy Marcano
-Robert De Niro: Father Bobby Carrillo
-Ron Eldard: John Reilly
-Minnie Driver: Carol
-Vittorio Gassman: King Benny
-Dustin Hoffman: Danny Snyder (Danny O'Connor in the novel)
-Terry Kinney: Ralph Ferguson
-Bruno Kirby: Lorenzo 'Shakes' father
-Frank Medrano: Fat Mancho
-Jason Patric: Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra
-Joe Perrino: young Shakes
-Brad Pitt: Michael Sullivan
-Brad Renfro: young Michael
-Geoffrey Wigdor: young John
-Jonathan Tucker: young Tommy
-Eugene Byrd: Rizzo
-Jeffrey Donovan: Henry Addison
-George Georgiadis: Greek hot dog vendor
-Don Hewitt: James Caldwell
-Lennie Loftin: Adam Styler
Did You Know?
-Movie critic Roger Ebert criticized the movie as homophobic
-Part of the movie was filmed at the psychiatric hospital, Fairfield Hills, in Newton, C.T. after the state took possession of it
-During filming, Brad Renfro and Joe Perrino wore colored contact lenses so they would have the same color eyes as Brad Pitt and Jason Patric, who play the characters as adults

Joe Perrino as 'Lorenzo Carcaterra'

Brad Renfro as 'Michael Sullivan'
Jason Patric as adult Lorenzo and Brad Pitt as adult Michael
-When the characters need to send a coded message to one another, they use the name "Edmund". This is a reference to the main character, Edmund Dante, in the story The Count of Monte Cristo", which plays a heavy role in the movie
-Author Lorenzo Carcaterra claims his book is based on real life, based on an incident from his childhood. But the New York state legal community couldn't find evidence supporting the case that he and his friends were sent to a juvenile boys home and systematically raped and abused by the guards there