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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Iron Maiden

Here's to all the Iron Maiden fans out there. I would listen to Iron Maiden and/or Motorhead, but the problem is I don't know what song to start with for these bands.
-Bruce Dickinson: vocals
-Steve Harris: bass
-Nicko McBrain: drums
-Adrian Smith: guitar
-Janick Gers: guitar
-Dave Murray: guitar
-Founded by bass player Steve Harris in the 1970s
-They became massively popular in 1982 when they toured in support of The Number of the Beast, which was the first album with current Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson
-Known as the hardest touring band on the planet
-Known for their skeletal mascot Eddie, who manages to grace the cover of every Maiden album to date
-Despite the 1990s being rough on heavy metal, Iron Maiden plowed right through without any difficulty, especially with albums like 1992's Fear of the Dark and the loss of Bruce Dickinson
-Ever since the release of 2000's Brave New World, the band has said to become even more creative and bold
-In 1999, the "definitive" lineup of Iron Maiden was official: Bruce Dickinson on vocals, Steve Harris on bass, Nicko McBrain on drums, Adrian Smith on guitar, Janick Gers on guitar, Dave Murray on guitar. The last three- Smith, Murray and Gers are kindly known as the "Three Amigos"
-With 2003's Dance of Death and the follow up, 2006's A Matter of Life and Death, they managed to gain even more fans
-The jet the band uses is aptly named "Ed Force One". It is piloted by singer Bruce Dickinson, who is a fully licensed commercial pilot
-In 2009, the band won a BRIT Award for Best British Live Act
-In 2011, they won their first US Grammy for Best Metal Performance, for their song El Dorado from their 2010 The Final Frontier album

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