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Friday, April 24, 2015

Death Race 2000

Death Race 2000
-In the future, the ultimate sport is racing. It's a new type of racing called the deathrace. The racers get points for mowing people down with their cars as they drive fast across the country. A government agency is trying to end the death race and to do so, have sent in an undercover agent

-David Carradine: Frankenstein
-Simon Griffeth: Annie Smith
-Sylvester Stallone: "Machine Gun" Joe Viterbo
-Mary Woronov: Calamity Jane
-Roberta Collins: Matilda the Hun
-Martin Kove: Nero the Hero

Did You Know?
-The film is set in 2000
-This would not be the only time Sylvester Stallone drives a race car. He would later play a race car driver in the 2001 film Driven
-The opening sequence was filmed on an actual raceway between races
-The racetrack used for the grandstand scenes and opening track was the Ontario Motor Speedway near Los Angeles

If you're a 1990s kid...

Then you'll know the struggles we went through...

This one isn't on here; I came up with this one
When you seen everyone with light up gymshoes and then you got light up gymshoes. You thought you were hot stuff. Until those lights starting going out, one by one

Coloring the "Spacemaker" logo in the center of your pen box with markers and covering it with glue. Waiting for 2-3 days and making your own colored bookmarks. I'm definitely guilty as charged of this!

1. When you underestimated the ratio of graham crackers to frosting when eating Dunkaroos. You ended up with no frosting and all graham crackers

2. Having this catastrophe when inserting your Capri-Sun straw
3. When you hoped to go to the barber and get a "cool" haircut and instead walk out with a bowl cut
4. Watching your Tamgotchi die because the buttons were stuck

5. Being that one kid who still had a cassette Walkman instead of a CD Walkman
6. When you finally did get a CD player, you discovered the horror-it didn't fit in your pockets
7. The sad moment when reality hits-your Lion King color-changing spoon stops changing color

8. Having to open a million folders just to find the games on Windows 95
9.  The frustration that arises when you rent a movie from Blockbuster and come to find out the last person who rented it forgot to rewind!

10. Losing the feeling in your fingers from the weight of the candy in the McDonald's buckets
11. Running out of AOL minutes because you didn't have an extra free CD
12. The 3rd degree burns you sustain on the roof of your mouth because you couldn't wait for your Pizza Bagels to cool off

13. Your parents refusing to buy you CD's because of this label (This is like reverse psychology to kids. This label makes them want to listen to those CD's more because their parents don't want them to listen to it!)
14. When you got a new CD and were excited to listen to it, only to need everything but the kitchen sink to get it out of the plastic
15. You sank in your own sweat after sitting in one of these on a warm day
16. Being woken up in the middle of the night because your Furby decides to start talking...

17. This happens and sometimes for no good reason
18. When the VCR eats your favorite tape

19. Having eight valuable seconds of play time before your Nintendo game self destructs

20. Accidentally pulling the home phone off the receiver because the cord was tangled

21. When you programmed the VCR to record an episode of a show you like, it does not come out like you expect

22. When you run a light colored marker over a dark color
23. When the fabric of your slap bracelets rips and the sharp plastic underneath pokes you
24. Playing with your Skip-It and not wearing socks or long pants and having red rings around your ankles, making it look like you were wearing handcuffs on your ankles like a prisoner

25. Despite all the care and love behind your Beanie Baby tags, they still bent
26. Losing the eraser tip to your mechanical pencil. Two words: YOU'RE SCREWED!

27. Receiving temporary blindness from the sun reflecting off the metal slide, third degree burns as you went down them and temporary deafness from those kids who feel the need to scream like they're being murdered


-Rocky Balboa is a 4th rate boxer looking to make it to the big times. He currently works as a debt collector for a local loan shark. And one day, when heavyweight champ Apollo Creed comes to Philadelphia looking for a champ to take him on, his managers set up an "exhibition match" between him and a local fighter to become the next champ. Apollo is supposed to win, but Rocky sees this as his chance at success

-Sylvester Stallone: Rocky Balboa
-Talia Shire: Adrian Pennino
-Burt Young: Paulie Pennino
-Carl Weathers: Apollo Creed
-Burgess Meredith: Mickey
-Thayer David: Jergens
-Joe Spinnell: Gazzo
-Jimmy Gambina: Mike
-Frank Stallone: Streetcorner singer

Did You Know?
-Sylvester Stallone was inspired to write the screenplay for Rocky after seeing the Chuck Wepner-Muhammad Ali fight on March 24, 1975
-Rocky's dog in the movie was actually Sylvester Stallone's dog in real life
-This was the highest grossing movie of 1976

-The pictures of Rocky on his mirror are actual photos of Sylvester Stallone as a child
-During the scenes where he was in the meat locker practicing, Sylvester Stallone punched the meat so hard it flattened his knuckles out. So now that if he makes a fist, his knuckles are level
-During filming, Sylvester Stallone quit smoking because he got out of breath too easily
-Rocky says he injured his finger in here, most likely from boxing. It's an actual injury Sylvester Stallone sustained from playing football in college
-During his famous jog through Philadelphia, Sylvester Stallone pulled a tendon and had to be taken to the nearest hospital in a wheelbarrow
-Rocky is not the character's actual name. His actual name is Robert Balboa. He derived his nickname from real life boxer Rocky Marciano
Rocky Marciano
-Prior to this movie, Sylvester Stallone was earning $36 a week as a movie theatre usher
-According to Sylvester Stallone, the black fedora hat and leather jacket came from a local hand me down shop
-Sylvester Stallone's brother, Frank Stallone. who's also an actor, has a cameo as the lead singer of a street band while their father, Frank Stallone, has a cameo as the man who rings the bell at the beginning of the Creed vs. Balboa fight
-The character Talia Shires plays, Adrian Pennino, was named after Shire's grandfather, Francesco Pennino
-Cher was considered for the role of Adrian
-Talia Shire's shy and reserved nature during filming stems from the fact she was suffering from the flu during filming. She worried about kissing Sylvester Stallone and getting him sick

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Grudge Match

Grudge Match
-30 years ago, Henry "Razor" Sharp and Billy "The Kid" McDonnen were boxing rivals. Just before a huge match, Razor decides to retire because Billy slept with his girlfriend, Sally Rose and got her pregnant. Fast forward to modern day. Boxing promoter Dante Slate wants to have them fight each other, but Razor refuses. However, when he loses his job and learns he's broke, boxing looks like his only choice. So he looks up his old trainer and starts training. Meanwhile, Billy starts training and meets BJ, the son he had with Sally Rose and he asks BJ to start training him

-Sylvester Stallone: Henry "Razor" Sharp
-Robert De Niro: Billy "The Kid" McDonnen
-Rich Little: Boxing Announcer
-Ireland Baldwin: Young Sally Rose
-Anthony Bean: Dante Slate Sr.
-Mason Mackie: Young Dante
-Kevin Hart: Dante Slate Jr.
-Alan Arkin: Louis "Lightning" Conlon
-Kim Basinger: Sally
-Jon Bernthal: BJ

Did You Know?
-Here's a case of define irony. In the movie, the winner is Razor, most likely due to the popularity of the Rocky series and having a slightly larger following than Raging Bull. Whereas Robert De Niro won the Oscar for Best Actor while Sylvester Stallone did not
-This is the first movie where Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro have reunited since 1997's Cop Land
-During one of the training scenes, Razor is seen getting ready to punch raw meat that is hanging up. Lightning tells him not to do so since it's unsanitary. This is a nod to a scene in Rocky where he punches raw meat hanging up and doesn't care if it's unsanitary
-In one of the scenes where Robert De Niro is training, a poster for Rocky can be seen hanging on the wall
-In one scene, Razor is seen training at an auto junk yard, towing a semi truck called Road Hawk. This is a reference to the 1987 film Over the Top, where Sylvester Stallone played a semi truck driver named Lincoln Hawk
-Although most would consider this a movie by Sylvester Stallone, it's actually more of a Robert De Niro project. He had to talk Stallone into doing it, since Stallone didn't want to parody Rocky. He was taking a break from action roles and didn't work out