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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Know You're a '90s Kid When...

You remember this band!

The Spice Girls

The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees
-Lily Owens is a 14 year old girl living in South Carolina in 1964, when racism was at an all time high. She is constantly haunted by the memory of her late mother. To escape her abusive life, she and Rosaleen Daise run away and find solace with the Boatwright sisters, who run a beekeeping business

-Dakota Fanning: Lily Owens
-Queen Latifah: August Boatwright
-Jennifer Hudson: Rosaleen Daise
-Alicia Keys: June Boatwright
-Sophie Okonedo: May Boatwright
-Paul Bettany: T. Ray Owens
-Hilarie Burton: Deborah Owens
-Tristan Wilds: Zach Taylor
-Nate Parker: Neil
-Shondrella Avery: Greta
-Renee Ford Clark: Doll
Sharon Conley: Violet
-Nicky Buggs: Cressie

Did You Know?
-Alicia Keys had to learn how to play the cello for this movie

The Rolling Stones Are Gearing Up For Their 50 & Counting Tour

You heard it right. "The British Bad Boys" are gearing up to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
Touring might sound easy to those unfamiliar with it. But to all musicians who have done it previously know just how hard it is. There is often a lot of hard work associated with it, including very extensive physical training

“Personally, I start preparing about two months before the tour starts. So I have to up my fitness level and I have to start singing everyday, doing practices and a bit of dancing,” said Mick, who says part of his training also includes doing scales to warm up his voice and practicing his dance moves in front of the mirror

Charlie, the drummer, is the one who has to really double time on the physical preparation;  he has twice as much stuff to learn. Mick also added “The communication between me and Charlie and Keith and Ronnie, it’s really quite easy,” while Keith Richards added  “Charlie gives me a little signal, a certain little rap that he’s ready to go. Then Ronnie and I, we just pass looks at each other all the time.”

Steven Tyler Provides Voice for New Movie 'Epic'

Steven Tyler
Yes, he does wear glasses
The new movie 'Epic' has a little surprise for all Aerosmith fans, affectionately dubbed by Aerosmith themselves as the "Blue Army". The lead singer provides his voice for the wise caterpillar named Nim Galuu. While some say he's an animated person already, this gives new meaning to the phrase

While watching the preview for the movie, and seeing his character come up, it's really difficult to miss that raspy voice of his. It's almost his trademark. He says that it was a dream come true, to do an animated movie.  “My whole life I wanted to be in one of these animated movies,” he continues  “I got my wish.”

Hot Man Tuesday: Sting

I think he's still cute, even if he's older. He's still attractive. And such a sweet looking guy

Birth name: Gordon Matthew Sumner
DOB: Oct. 2, 1951
Where: Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Height: 6'

-High pitched raspy voice
-Blonde spiky hair and blue eyes
-Fender Precision bass guitar

-Attended Princess Diana's funeral
-Lives in London
-Was a former bus conductor and tax officer before going into music
-Ranked #9 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists. I think he should have been bumped up about 6 numbers, maybe #3
-Sting and wife Trudie Styler founded the Rainforest Foundation in 1988

-Won the 1994 Brit Award for Best British Male Solo Artist
-Is vegetarian
-Supports Newcastle United
-According to VH1, "Roxanne" is one of the most highly played jukebox songs
-The comic book character John Constantine from DC Comics Hellblazer was originally designed to look like Sting
-Got the nickname "Sting" from his black and gold rugby shirts, which made him look like a hornet
-Bass player and lead singer of 70s-80s new wave band The Police
-Lived with actress Trudie Styler for 10 years before marrying her
-Has 6 kids, two from his first wife Frances Tomelty and the other four from Trudie
-Loves jazz music
-Attended Warwick University in Coventry, England, but never graduated
-Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on 3/10/2003

Known For
The Simpsons
-Episode: Radio Bart

Bee Movie
-Sting (voice)

-Ace Face

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

An Extremely Goofy Movie

An Extremely Goofy Movie
-Max is college bound and determined to have a good time. Goofy, meanwhile, is suffering from empty nest syndrome and decides to follow Max to college, much to his embarrassment. He wants to be a top contender for the X-Games, and when Goofy learns that he can't get another job without a college degree, he enrolls in college. As Max falls in love with a local girl who happens to be the girlfriend of a fraternity pledge, Goofy falls for the librarian, who shares his love of 1970s fads

-Bill Farmer: Goofy
-Jason Marsden: Max
-Jeff Bennett: Bradley Uppercrust
-Jim Cummings: Pete
-Brad Garrett: Tank
-Vicki Lewis: Beret Girl in Cafe
-Bebe Neuwirth: Sylvia Marpole
-Rob Paulsen: P.J. Pete
-Pauly Shore: Bobby Zimmeruski

The Emperor's New Groove

The Emperor's New Groove
-Emperor Kuzco is a vain, cocky man who thinks the world revolves around him. He fires his suspicious administrator Yzma and is also planning on opening a waterpark  just for himself for his birthday. But this means destroying a village. Yzma, however plans on getting revenge and she does. She wants him dead so she can ascend to the throne. But in a botched assassination, her assistant Kronk does not kill the emperor, but instead mistakes a death potion for a potion that turns the emperor into a llama, thus keeping him alive. He runs into a local llama herder named Pacha. He and Pacha make a deal- he will help Kuzco get back to his palace if he moves his water park somewhere else, because Pacha's home is ground zero for the new park

-David Spade: Emperor Kuzco
-John Goodman: Pacha
-Eartha Kitt: Yzma
-Patrick Warburton: Kronk, Yzma's assistant
-Wendie Malick: Chicha, Pacha's wife
-Kellyann Kelso: Chaca, Pacha's daughter
-Eli Russell Linnetz: Tipo, Pacha's son
-Bob Bergen: Bucky the Squirrel
-Patti Deutsch: Waitress

Did You Know?
-To sing the opening song, the crew wanted Sting, but they felt he was much older than they wanted, and they got Tom Jones instead, who is 11 years older than Sting
-Pacha's wife Chicha is pregnant the whole time. This is the first Disney movie to feature a pregnant woman
-The restaurant Yzma and Kronk go to is called Mudka's Meat Hut. This is an obvious parody of Frisch's Big Boy
-In the Incan language, "Pacha" means "earth"
-Yzma is often seen wearing purple-  the color od madness
-David Spade was in his mid 30s when recording his voice for the only 18 year old Kuzco


-Capt. John Smith leads a group of English sailors and soldiers to the New World in search of land to settle. Along with him for the ride is Governor Ratcliffe, who wants to plunder all riches found for himself. Elsewhere, Chief Powhatan, has agreed to have his daughter Pocahontas marry the village warrior. When she sees a vision of a spinning arrow, it tells her change is coming and indeed it is. She soon falls for Smith, who is trying to prevent war from erupting between the soldiers and Indians


-Irene Bedard: Pocahontas (voice)
-Judy Kuhn: Pocahontas (singing voice)
-Mel Gibson: John Smith: (voice)
-David Ogden Stiers: Governor Ratcliffe/Wiggins (voice)
-John Kassir: Meeko (voice)
-Russell Means: Powhatan (voice)
-Christian Bale: Thomas (voice)
-Linda Hunt: Grandmother Willow (voice)
-Danny Mann: Percy (voice)
-Joe Baker: Lon (voice)
-Frank Welker: Flit (voice)
-Michelle St. John: Nakoma (voice)
-James Apaumut Fall: Kocoum (voice)
-Gordon Tootoosis: Kekata (voice)

Did You Know?
-The film's release date was June 23, 1995, on the 400th anniversary of actual Pocahontas' birth
-Rupert Everett, Patrick Stewart and Stephen Fry were considered for the role of Governor Ratcliffe

-In real life, Pocahontas would have been topless
-The first film to feature Mel Gibson singing
-In a quest for maximum authenticity, Disney went on a manhunt to find Native American actors and actresses. They also had Native American consultants and even a real shaman. But Russell Means, who provided the voice of Chief Powhatan, says this movie is the "single best representation of American Indians that Hollywood has ever done"
-One of the only Disney movies inspired by a true story, other than Mulan