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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Night Listener

The Night Listener
-Gabriel Noone is a late-night radio DJ who tells scary stories he writes himself. When Gabriel's lover moves out, saying he needs space, he descends into depression. One day, a publisher friend brings a manuscript written by a 14 year old named Peter Logand. When reading it, it touches the now vulnerable Gabriel deeply. The script tells of Peter being severely abused by his parents and is now under the care of his social worker, Donna Logand, who has adopted him. They are keeping a low profile in a small Wisconsin town to avoid being found by Pete's mother

-Robin Williams: Gabriel Noone
-Toni Collette: Donna Logand
-Joe Morton: Ashe
-Bobby Cannavale: Jess
-Rory Culkin: Pete Logand
-Sandra Oh: Anna

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