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Thursday, April 11, 2013


-Aladdin is a poor street thief who lives in a large, busy Arabic town of Agrabah with his faithful friend Abu. One day, he runs into a beautiful girl named Jasmine, who he later discovers is the daughter of the Sultan. Aladdin is framed for a crime by the Sultan's advisor Jafar and is thrown in jail. Soon, Aladdin finds himself falling in love with Jasmine, who, by law, can only marry a prince


-Scott Weinger: Aladdin
-Robin Williams: Genie/Merchant
-Linda Larkin: Jasmine
-Jonathan Freeman: Jafar
-Frank Welker: Abu/Rajah
-Gilbert Gottfried: Iago
-Douglas Seale: Sultan

Did You Know?
-Danny DeVito and Joe Pesci were considered for the role of Iago, the parrot
-The Genie does many celebrity impersonations. Here they are: Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Sullivan, Groucho Marx, William F. Buckley, Senor Wences, Carol Channing, Arsenio Hall, Walter Brennan, Mary Hart, Ethel Merman, Rodney Dangerfield, Peter Lorre
-One of the producers says that Jafar's voice was inspired by Boris Karloff and Vincent Price
-The Islamic culture in the movie is referenced multiple times. Most of it involving "Allah" being mentioned, which is the Islamic version of what Christians and Catholics call "God"
-Because Robin Williams threw the script away and ad-libbed his lines, the movie did not get nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award
-One of the productions designers decided to keep the color scheme simple, based on colors you'd see in the desert. Blue (water) means good, Red (heat) means bad, and yellow (sand) neutral. That also reflects the characters in the movie. Jafar is clad in reds and blacks, good princess Jasmine wears blue and the ruby that tempts Abu in the Cave of Wonders is red
-Iago was originally supposed to be a haughty British type while it was Jafar who was hot tempered. They eventually had their personalities switched so it was Iago who became hot tempered and Jafar the haughty Brit. BTW, this is a stereotype: Showing that Brits could be bad people. This movie takes place nowhere near England and yet Brits still get shown as bad people! Because the villain has, surprise surprise, an English accent!!
-The movements and characteristics of Abu were based on capuchin monkeys at the Los Angeles zoo

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