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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mighty Joe Young

Good for anyone who loves animals, especially gorillas!!

Mighty Joe Young
-The movie starts with a group of animal preservationists protecting a group of gorillas from poachers who want to sell them on the black market. In the fight, the girl's mother dies and so does the mother of one of the baby gorillas. The baby bites off the thumb of the main poacher and it fast forwards to the future. Charlize Theron plays the little girl and she discovers the gorilla has grown to be 15' tall and weighs a ton, at 2000 lbs. She meets a California Wildlife refuge worker and she agrees to put the gorilla in there for his protection

-Charlize Theron: Jill Young
-Bill Paxton: Professor Gregg O'Hara
-Rade Serbedzija: Andrei Strasser
-Peter Firth: Garth
-David Paymer: Harry Ruben
-Regina King: Cecily Banks
-Naveen Andrews: Pindi

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