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Monday, April 15, 2013

Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch
-A Hawai'ian girl adopts what she thinks is a weird dog as her pet, only to later find out that her new "pet" is actually an alien fugitive from another planet

-Daveigh Chase: Lilo (voice)
-Chris Sanders: Stitch (voice)
-Tia Carrere: Nani (voice)
-David Ogden Stiers: Jumba (voice)
-Kevin McDonald: Pleakley (voice)
-Ving Rhames: Cobra Bubbles: (voice)
-Zoe Caldwell: Grand Councilwoman (voice)
-Jason Scott Lee: David Kawena (voice)
-Kevin Michael Richardon: Captain Gantu (voice)
-Susan Hegarty: Rescue Lady (voice)
-Amy Hill: Mrs. Hasagawa (voice)

Did You Know?
-Hawai'i-born actors Jason Scott Lee and Tia Carrere helped out with accents and dialogue
-In this movie, Earth is referred to as Section 17, "Area 51"
-Almost all the landscape shots in the movie are recognizable as real life locations in Hawaii
-The name "Nani" means "beautiful" in Hawaiian
-By all rights, the girl with the blonde hair and the girl with the glasses, Mertle, should not be doing the Hula. The Hula dancing is only available to people actually born on the island and of Hawaiian descent
-The surfer statue in the end credits is a real surfer statue. It's on Waikiki Beach and it's of real life surf legend Duke Kahanamoku, who's considered the father of modern surfing
-First Disney movie to be set in Hawai'i

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