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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy
-American TV drama series about a close knit outlaw motorcycle club in Charming, a fictional town in Northern California
-Created by Kurt Sutter
-Centers on Jackson 'Jax' Teller (Charlie Cunningham), the VP who begins questioning the club and himself.
-Premiered on Sept. 3, 2008
-It is currently FX's highest rated series, surpassing others like Nip/Tuck, The Shield and Rescue Me.

Cast and Characters

Clarence 'Clay' Morrow
-Ron Perlman
-Current president of the Sons of Anarchy mother chapter SAMCRO(Sons of Anarchy Motorcyle Club, Redwood Original)
-Married to Gemma since the death of her first husband John Teller in 1993.
-On the show, Clay is shown to struggle with age and developing arthritis, having Jax handle club affairs.
-In the first version of the pilot, Scott Glenn played Clay
-Clay also has done time
Jackson "Jax" Teller
-Charlie Hunnam
-SAMCRO's Vice President
-Born in 1978 to John and Gemma Teller
-His day job: mechanic at Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair.
-Has an infant son named Abel who has changed Jax's whole outlook on life, inspired him to look at the "big picture".
-Him and stepdad Clay often get into it on different things
Bobby Munson
-Mark Boone Junior
-SAMCRO's secretary/treasurer
-Does Elvis impersonations in Lake Tahoe.
-Is Jewish and a demolitions expert
-Incarcerated for the murder of Brenan Hefner after a woman who lived in the building witnessed the killing and went to the police
Tig Trager
-Kim Coates
-SAMCRO's seargeant at arms
-Particularly close to Clay and one of the club's more violent, hotheaded members
-Has mentioned parts of his past, which included, jokingly, enjoying necrophilia
-Mistakenly killed a woman named Donna, who was married to a fellow SOA member named Opie.
Chibs Telford
-Tommy Flanagan
-Member of SAMCRO and is loyal to Jax
-Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, but grew up in Belfast, northern Ireland
-Served as medic with the British Army, but was expelled after a court marshal
-The word 'chib' is Scottish slang for blade, a slash or cut
-Was seriously injured by a car bomb at the club's garage.
Opie Winston
-Ryan Hurst
-Son of SAMCRO co-founder Piney
-Opie was paroled after a 5 year stay in prison following a botched arson conviction
-His wife, Donna, was killed by Tig, a fellow SOA
-In season 4, when he finds out that Clay killed his father Piney, he shoots Clay twice in the stomach and one in the chest to avenge his dad
-He goes to a porn studio where a dancer he has been seeing, Lyla works and finds that she has been taking birth control and morning after pills denying him a child.
Juice Ortiz
-Theo Rossi
-Club's hacker and intel officer
-In charge of the club surveillance and manages the club's communication and intel.
-Seen as unreliable by Clay and is given tasks like driving the transport truck.
-Sports a short mohawk and has Tribal designs tattooed on both sides of his head
-Attempted to hang himself with a chain in episode 7 of season 4 after receiving a "Men of Mayhem" patch, but the branch broke, leaving him with a bruise which Tig and Chibs immediately notice. Chibs later confronts him to comfort him as he cries about an FBI agent named Agent Stahl releasing his file to the SOA, stating he is not Hispanic, but black.
-David LaBrava
-Member of the Redwood Original charter of the club.
-In the episode "Better Half", stated he had a sick mom in Bakersfield that he wanted to go "nomad"(a nomad is a member of a motorcycle club with no fixed address and no charter affiliation) so he could take care of her.
-Ruthless killer and sports a happy face tattoo for each kill. Like Tig, he is looked to for the jobs in which no one else has the guts for
-Noted for his use of 9mm Glocks.
Otto Delaney
-Kurt Sutter
-Currently imprisoned in Stockton state prison on charges of 2nd degree murder and vehicle theft.
-Seems to be a powerful man on the inside, and is leader of the "Big House Crew", a gang inside of imprisoned SOA members. His "old lady" is Luann(now dead), he has her named tattooed on his left arm
-In season 2, Otto is ambushed by inmates affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood, at Ethan Zobelle's command and after being beaten up, the Aryan in charge of the attack, Squirrel(David J. Wright), goes one step further by gouging out Otto's good eye with a broken mop handle.
Piermont "Piney" Winston
-William Lucking
-Co-founder of SAMCRO and father of Opie Winston
-Vietnam Vet and has to carry an oxygen tank with him at all times due to emphysema
-Clay goes to the cabin where Piney stays, threatening him about some letters from John Teller(Jax's dad) telling him everything about how Gemma and Clay killed Jax's dad. And Clay kills Piney with a shotgun blast to the chest and writes on the wall LS- making it look like the hit from a gang called Lobos Sonora.

Gemma Teller Morrow
-Katey Sagal
-Queen of Charming
-A schemer and physical manipulator
-Wife of Clay and mother of Jax
-Does anything she can to make things go in good favor of Clay
-Very protective of her son Jax and grandson Abel
Tara Knowles
-Maggie Siff
-Jax's main love
-She is the mother of his son Thomas and is acting mother of other son Abel
-Gemma is training her to be the next "Queen"
-Is trying to convince Jax and her family to leave Charming
Wendy Case
-Drea De Matteo
-Jax Teller's ex-wife and biological mom to Abel
-She intentionally becomes pregnant in hopes to keep Jax with her.
-Drug addict who used meth during her pregnancy, which nearly killed Abel. He was born with serious defects and health problems. And when Wendy tries to get custody of Abel, Gemma threatens to reveal her past drug addiction as a way to keep her from getting in contact with Abel
-Causes Tara to smash her arm up even worse than it already was when she sees Tara in the hospital saying she has the right to know the son she gave up.

Lyla Winston
-Winter Ave Zoli
-Porn star employed by LuAnn Delaney and is introduced in season 2.
-She and Opie begin to grow close and like Opie, is a single parent and she helps with his kids.

Real IRA

Rival MC Members

Gang Members



-Outlaw motorcyle club
-Club members wear vests known as cuts or kuttes(jacket with the sleeves cut off).
-The SOA patch is of a Grim Reaper holding a crystal ball with the anarachy "A" and wielding the Reaper's traditional scythe, the handle of which has been replaced with an M16 rifle the club owners held in Vietnam.
-Also, Jax wears a baseball hat that says 'Reaper Crew' on it
-At least 3 of the women(Gemma, Lyla and Wendy) have crow tattoos on them, signaling they are affiliated with the club
-The Sons ride customized motorcycles of various types. And they have day jobs in other careers, most of them working at the Teller-Morrow Garage. They make their main money through importing weapons, modifying/selling them to various garages, along with protection runs and protecting various truck shipments from hijacking
-They operate out of a club on the premises, which has a living area where some of the members can crash for the night,  a bar, pool table, kitchen, workout room and the "chapel", a room with an elaborate conference table made of redwood that has a reaper logo carved in to it, which is coincidentally the logo for the SOA.
-They keep meth traffickers out of Charming, which has put them at odds with the meth distributing white supremacist Nords, headed by Ernest Darby.
-Season 2 opens with a new threat: white supremacists called the League of American Nationalists(LOAN)

-Notable songs include Bobby's Elvis covers, Katey Sagal singing a cover of the Dusty Springfield hit Son of a Preacher Man, Gimme Shelter.

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