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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quirky Things About...Me!

Now, I'm pretty sure everyone has something about them that makes them stand out from the crowd. Whether it be a physical feature, an event that happened in their lives that somehow may have changed them, something they like or find interesting, doesn't matter. Everyone probably has something about them that makes them unique. Well, in my case, you know the old saying "1 in a million", well, I'm usually that 1 in a million. I'm the one who usually likes something if someone doesn't. But here are some probably quirky, random things about me.

-When I was a baby, I had once a month seizures. When I went to the doctor, one of the doctors there tried to convince my mom that I was mentally challenged. But then the head doctor there, a guy named Dr. Stein, told my mom that I had to have tubes put into my ears to drain some fluid in my ears. After that, the doctor who tried to get me labeled as mentally challenged was fired and I was walking and talking fine.

-I'm probably the first and only 21 year old girl to come right out and say that I think Mick Jagger is sexy at 68. Yeah, it probably shocks all who might read this that I find him attractive when others say he looks like 20 miles of bad, unpaved, cracked road and that Keith Richards looks worse for wear. But I like the music Mick makes with the Stones and I don't care if he's ugly, I like him. It doesn't matter with looks, if they got talent, sweet! But I think Mick looks really good for his age, I mean, most musicians may not be able to move around like he does at 68, but it looks like he has kept himself in good shape. I hope the Stones are around long enough for me to come see them. Because that's one thing I really want to do, is see The Stones play live, he is kinda cute when he's prancing around on stage singing You got Me Rocking. Besides, I think he's cute, I think he's got a cute accent.

-I seriously was born in the wrong decade. My mom says that I should have been born in the 1960s, and I will admit that there is something about the 60s that just fascinates me to no end. IDK what it is, maybe it's the music, the clothes, the pop culture in general, or just the fact that it seems so much easier in this decade, alot less to worry about, and it seems so much more calm and relaxed, unless that's the marijuana that speaks for the people being relaxed.

-I'm a total coffee nut! I can't start my day out right without at least one cup of coffee.

-For some reason, most of the TV I watch seems to be from the UK. IDK why this is, but it does seem like England has a natural knack for making good TV. My Family, Top Gear, Mr. Bean, Primeval, Law and Order:UK I've also been watching recently. I'm still trying to get used to England having a version of Law and Order, and I must say that it is certainly different than the one here in the States, but it's so cool seeing them go to different locations throughout London. Those are some of my fave British TV shows. What really burns me up is when America thinks they can make it better by Americanizing it. Nothing against it, I'm proud to be American, but there are some things that America just needs to leave alone, like TV. Just because people in America think they can improve on something, does not mean they should. They Americanized Top Gear- booooooooo!!!!! I like the British one better, because on the American one, it seems they are trying to reenact the comedic, car-genius and car knowledge talents of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Also, on American Primeval, yawn! BBC Primeval- woo-hoo!!! yay!!!! I like the British version, idk why, but the British accents on the people on that show just make it all the more cool. And as far as my pointless little opinion goes, America needs to stop Americanizing good British TV. Leave it alone, sheesh!!!

-At times, people will think I have ADHD because I'm rather chatty and seem high wired, as if I was high on caffeine. I assure you, I'm not ADHD, and I'm not high wired on caffeine. I'm always like this, I always seem high on caffeine.

-For some reason, sometimes I will have these random thoughts floating through my head and I don't know how they got there in the first place.

Now, if there's anything quirky or unique about yourself, feel free to comment on this and say what it is. I love to learn cool stuff about others. I love to hear others talk about themselves because you can learn alot about a person from hearing what they talk about. You can learn how they dress, what kind of clothes they may like, what they listen to, what they watch on TV, etc. I love love love love love learning little cool things about people.

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