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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Dedicated Follower of Fashion?

-High fashion
-Colors: Unusual and rare
-Lies: Layered, fitted to suit
-Textures: Unusual, rare materials
-Needs: Custom-made, designer's originals, pricey
-Effects: 1 of a kind, leader, unique, tres chic
-Favorite accessory: coordinated matching and custom made pieces
-Expensive designer's reproduction
-Colors:Unusual, muted, solid colors(gray, black, white)
-Lines: Well fitted(Chanel type)
-Textures: Fine fabrics, expensive materials
-Needs: semi custom made, altered to fit
-Effects: Very refined, status and executive looking
-Favorite accessory: gold and diamond accessories
-Theatrical, glamorous, glitzy
-Colors: Strong, vivid, (black is good)
-Lines: severe, sharp, asymmetrical
-Textures: Rare and trendy
-Needs: custom made, altered to fit
-Effects: confident, chic, sexy, catchy
-Favorite accessory: Bold statement, usually metallic, such as gold, silver, or bronzes
-Town & country, emphasis of business/corporate look
-Colors: Beige, navy, red, blue and black
-Lines: simple and traditional
-Textures: Durable, natural fibers
-Needs: Timeless appeal year after year
-Effects: Typcal leader, conservative, practical
-Favorite accessory: traditional, conservative shapes
-Good example: Chanel
-Colors: pastels, soft colors, soft blends, soft rainbows
-Lines: simple flows, rounded curves and semi fittted
-Textures: Light, flowing, lace, old fashioned, small print
-Needs: Gentle, delicate, price not a problem
-Effects: Fragile, soft, charming, innocent, very feminine
-Favorite accessory: simple real gold and diamonds
-Colors: earth tones
-Lines: durable, simple, easy
-Textures: natural fibers, denim, thick and old fashioned
-Needs: durability, mobility, price no problem
-Effects: tough, strong
-Favorite accessory: leather boots, water resistant watch, thick belt
-Feeling at home
-Colors: Any
-Lines: unstructured, simple, easy
-Textures: popular(synthetic, natural, etc)
-Needs: easy care, comfortable
-Effects: easy going, athletic, simple
-Favorite accessory: cloth bag, disposables
-Made popular during the early 90s.
-Colors: Any
-Lines: unusual, exaggerated
-Textures: popular(synthetic, natural), knits
-Needs: easy pieces, sometimes wildly and unusually inexpensive
-Effects: Youthful, confident, most designs die quickly
-Favorite accessory: all kinds
-Star Trek like
-Colors: strong metallics(gold, silver)
-Lines: angular, sharp
-Textures: Hard, bold, round, square
-Needs: bold statement
-Effects: impractical to present times
-Favorite accessory: bold geometric designs(earrings, rings, bags)
-Refers to new or 2nd hand clothing from previous eras
-Colors: soft colors, light colors, summery colors
-Lines: soft lines
-Textures: satin, lace, silk, velvet
-Needs: to feel beautiful
-Effects: beauty, elegant
-Fave Accessory: simple gold and silver
-Characterized by horror movies, black, metal studs, etc. Basically looks like you're going to a Victorian funeral
-Colors: black EVERYTHING!
-Lines: straight, jagged
-Textures: fishnet, lace, leather, metal, silver, steel, velvet,
-Needs: fashionable
-Effects: Neo-Victorian fashion, dark makeup and clothing, dark hair with equally dark highlights, looks like funeral clothes, deathly pale skintones, macabre items/religious(crosses, skulls, pentacles, rosaries, bone earrings, etc)
-Fave Accessory: macabre/religious items(bone earrings, rosaries, ankhs, metal studs, spiked dog collars, gauges in ears, deathly pallor, messy black hair, stove pipe hats, leather clothes, black makeup, thigh high leather boots or just leather boots in general, fishnet stockings
-College, Ivy League University-like look
-Colors: earth colors, cool colors
-Lines: straight
-Textures: none
-Needs: special care for sweaters
-Effects: Argyle sweaters, chinos, madras, button down Oxford cloth shirts, boat shoes
-Fave Accessory:
-Ex: Polo, Ralph Lauren
-Japanese pop looking
-Colors: bright, neon, blue, pink, red, bleached blonde
-Lines: none
-Textures: denim, leather
-Needs: bold statement
-Effects: fan of rock music
-Fave Accessory: studded belts, black wristbands, thick black horn-rimmed glasses

-Inspired by the nature loving 'beatniks' of the 1960s
-Colors: earth tones, any
-Lines: none
-Textures: denim, corduroy, suede, leather
-Needs: none
-Effects: for retro loving types
-Fave accesories: peace medallion, bellbottoms, flip flops, granny glasses, headbands, flowers in hair

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