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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Santa.....

It's that time of year again, Christmas. Time for kids to start begging like homeless people at Christmas time, time for them to start begging for useless garbage they don't need, time for adults to start begging for pricey cars and diamonds and other assorted useless junk they don't need. What some of these greedy-ass kids really deerve is not gifts, but a slap upside the head. They need to be thankful for what they have in the first place. Because there are some kids out there whose parents are enlisted servicemen and women who will not get to see their parents except maybe via video chat. So quite frankly, the greedy kids need to sit down, pray that they hve loving families. And in the words of Confucius himself: "Happiness consists not in having what you want, but in wanting what you have".

Also, for the first time in my entire life, it will be the first Christmas without my dad. And it seems like the last few weeks before he died, it almost seemed like he wanted to pass on. I really hope that it wans't something that me and my sis did to make him want to go, when my mom told that's what she thought, I thought to myself that maybe it was something me or my sis did. And for some reason, he was really depressed about money and stuff, but I told him that when I got a job I would help out, and it looks like my chance of helping him out has long since expired. But when Christmas Eve comes, I'm gonna look up and say "Merry Christmas, Dad". It seems like when something traumatic like this occurs, strange things happen. Like ever since he died, I haven't really been eating well, because of all the stress and now suddenly I'm almost 30 pounds lighter. IDK how I'm doing this, but that's what has been happening. I really hope that me and my sis didn't do anything to make my dad wanna die. Because it's really going to be hard for us, especially around the holidays.

So, if Santa reads blogs, Santa, I really don't know what I want, but if you can manage something small, here it is, my little wish list.

Dear Santa....
-I really don't know what I want. All I really want is a job. I mean, I want someone to call and say "Would you like to come in for an interview?" That would make me happy

-Also, God grant me the strength not to kill myself.

-And maybe a CD o Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, either one is fine, I'm not picky

-And maybe a movie, Let's Spend the Night Together or Shine a Light would be cool, either one, I'll let you choose. I'm kind of a fan of The Stones, and that would be cool

-And the most huge thing of all I want is.....A JOB! I want someone to call and say something about an interview. Because whenever I go out with someone and I see them spend money, I start getting a little depressed that I can't do that. I have money right now, but I can't spend it. It's reserved for Christmas shopping because I believe in the cardinal rule that it is better to give than to receive. I'm not like halfof these greedy-ass morons out there who want cars, diamonds, expensive music/game systems and other useless junk. My parents did not raise me and my sis that way. They raised us to be grateful for what we had in the first place.

-And I just want to be beautiful. I want to be skinny with a perfect body, perfect teeth, perfect everything. Every time I look in the mirror, all I see is a girl with messed up teeth, a somewhat chunky body and pale, fair skin. I want people to say I'm beautiful because I really am and not to say it just to make me feel better.

So Santa, I'm not greedy, but if you could get me any 2 of these things, thanks!!!!

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