Life is what happens when you are making other plans~ John Lennon
An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind~Gandhi
The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hola! How would one advertise themselves? Most would say that advertising is trying to get people to take notice of something, like a product. Well, these blogs are here to advertise the people behind the blogs. So if I were to advertise myself, you'd probably find me doing an ad for some retro-vintage store wearing granny glasses, tie-dye, and bell-bottoms. That's who I am, I'm your average, every day, modern hippie beat-nik. I wear retro clothes, and I like older music. To tell you a little about me, I have a somewhat large family, most of them living in central Kentucky. I have a dad named Steve, a little sis named Jessica, but we call her Jessie, a mom named Brenda, and a step-dad named Greg.

I'm 19 and I'm a college student. This is my 2nd year at Gateway Community and Technical College. I'm going for an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. I enjoy listening to music and reading books in my off time, I love all kinds of music, like R&B, jazz, British Invasion-era, rock, Latin, club/techno(Rihanna), new wave, like U2 and Coldplay. I enjoy reading alot, my favorite books are The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey, and I enjoy reading books about people because I enjoy learning new things about people I never knew before. My dad owns alot of biographies on people I have no idea who they are, mainly just British actors and comedians he likes. I only own 3, 2 are on actors, 1 is on a band I like. But when I'm not doing homework for school, I usually have my head stuck in a book or are listening to music. It's one of the simple pleasures I have. On Friday it's my birthday and I'm getting Chinese food for dinner.

I'm turning 20 and I could care less.Anymore, birthdays are like just another day to me. Some of the goals I have for the near future is to simply graduate, nothing too hard. And for the far future, I want to travel the world, see some of the beautiful places in the world, like China, Japan, Italy, Australia. I enjoy traveling everywhere. The teachers here at Gateway are totally awesome. They're always here to help and that is good. I'm enjoying every second of school I can, because soon I'll graduate and I'll be in the working world. Some think it's scary, but I'm looking forward to it. My dad tries to say it's hard, and for all I know, he might be right, but I'll just have to wait and see. My dad says I'll be one of those super, peppy, happy, cheery people in the morning who greets everyone with a million dollar smile. I'm not going to be like that in the morning, but I will enjoy my job.

Because if you see me in the morning, I'm not peppy, happy, cheery. I need my coffee to do that. I'm not a morning person unless I have my coffee! But I'm basically the kind of person that treats everyone with the kindness and respect I think they deserve. I'm hoping to go into a job like advertising or any job that involves CD cover design. Because in one of my classes here, my final project for this one class of mine, 2D design, was to create a CD cover for a band/artist we like, I did Aerosmith for my CD cover. It was a little blurry when it came out maybe because of the printer or something, but I'm proud of it. If I can land a job doing advertising or CD cover design, you'd think you bought me the world I'd be so happy.

I'm also the type of person that, when given the chance to do something, I go at it full force. I enjoy my work, and I'm not sure if that's a problem, but I enjoy doing graphic design, it's what interests me. Out of all the classes I've had here at Gateway, I'd have to say that my most favorite classes are the Intro to Computers, Fundamentals of Drawing, Computer Page Layout, 2D Design, my Macromedia Flash class, Corporate Identity. Those are my favorite classes because they are fun.

Monday, September 27, 2010

TV shows

Everyone has a favorite TV show, don't they? Well, I have a lot of favorites. Law and Order:SVU is my biggest favorite. I enjoy watching that show because it's actually good. And I watch this one show my step-dad got me hooked on. It's called Top Gear, it's a show out of England that my step-dad watches. It's about these 3 British guys who do stunts with cars. I'm also a big CSI:NY fan. I really don't watch TV all that much, because most of the time I have my head in a book reading or I'm working on something for school.
But at night when I'm not doing something school related, I watch TV. I recently started watching this show on TV called Glee. It's pretty cool, I like it. There's this other show I like watching because it's funny. It's called Everyone Hates Chris. It makes me laugh. Alot of the stuff on TV that I watch has to do with police work, like Criminal Minds, Cold Case, CSI:NY, Law and Order:SVU, Numb3rs(this is a show), it's almost like a pattern with me, I guess it's because when I was younger, I wanted to be a police officer.

The reason being that I'm tired of seeing criminals, pedophiles, rapists, you name it getting more rights than the victims. When a man rapes a woman, think about it, in court, the rapist's lawyer will make it almost sound like she seduced him into having sex and she cried rape. I guess that's the reason I wanted to be a cop when I was younger. But when I hear about all the fatalities that come out of being a cop, I quickly changed my mind and went into something else that interested me--art.

I figure since I love art, go into a job like that. But that's probably the reason I love police related shows, police work endlessly fascinates me. It's funny how things end up, huh? When you were younger, you liked certain things and when you grow up and look back, you think "man, did I really like that?" You think that it's corny, that the stuff you liked when you were younger is corny now.

Believe me, it's a pattern with me, I'll watch anything that has to do with music, police work or sometimes reality. Now, I'm not sure if Cake Boss is considered reality, but if it is, I love it. I just love how he does all these intricate little designs. If I ever get a cake from him, I want a Sopranos-themed cake, I love that show! And Dancing with the Stars? I actually do like that show because I enjoy dancing, whether it be ballet, tango, Swing, or club dancing like the cha-cha slide or whatever. I love dancing! If you ever see me at a club or something where there's dancing, you'll see I'm most happy when I'm dancing! But some of the people on the new season of it I can't actually believe are on there: Bristol Palin, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino. What he needs to do is wake up and smell the coffee-he is not impressive, yeah he may have a body like Stallone, but he isn't going to hook any chicks if his ego is bigger than the entire country of Italy. And now Bristol Palin, from what I hear, she's a diva, thinking that just because she is famous for having a child out of wedlock, she can win. That's now how it works. I hear this one comedian is going to try out, I think her name is Margaret Cho, I hear she's funny, so I hope she wins.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthdays: what a joy!

Why does it seem like as you get older, birthdays get less and less exciting? Does it seem like everyone else's birthday is better than mine and mine ends up being just another day?  When I was younger, I used to be so anxious for birthdays to come because I would bake stuff in the oven and take them in for my classmates, nowadays, it's like "Caitlin, it's your birthday" and I say "Yeah whatever", or "Wow, I didn't even notice, it felt like another day". I guess it's part of growing up, you lose that special magic when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. When I was younger, I used to get up early to see what 'Santa' brought me, and I would have to wait until my parents woke up, but 2 years ago at Christmas, I was actually sick for the first time on the holidays.
My mom was pestering me Christmas Eve because she thought we loved our aunt more than her and it's not true, and it got me so upset that I had an upset stomach because of it. You see, in my family, having divorced parents isn't always easy, because no matter what, my parents will always speak bad about each other behind their backs, and they drag me and my sis into the middle.
But it just seems that as you grow up, Christmas loses that special magic, it's become too commercialized, it's all about who can spend the most on gifts, who can get the most gifts, having the biggest and best decorations on the block, I hate it. Every year at Christmas, I see commercials for people buying their non-deserving loved ones Cadillacs for gifts, expensive iPods, expensive stereo systems, you name it. In fact, last Christmas was just fine with me, I didn't get alot, but I didn't want alot.
My parents and aunt says it's hard to buy for me because they don't know what I like and don't like. It's that way when it comes to birthdays/Christmas. So, if you know me, you know I like music, reading, arts and crafts, etc.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Thoughts and Weird Moments

If anyone out there read any of my recent blogs, they would know that my sister has recently started dating. I thought she met 'the one', the Mr. Perfect for her, well, all is not well, last night she came home in tears, her boyfriend, I can't believe I'm saying this, texted her and said that his grandma wouldn't allow them to see each other anymore, that his grandma wants him to focus on school work and dating would tear his family apart!
Can you call this a WTF moment? Last night, I felt helpless, I didn't know what to do, I wanted to help, but I couldn't figure out what to do. She was an emotional wreck! But after she got over the initial blast of it, she perked up and said "If he doesn't have the common decency to call/text back, then f--- him" I swear to you all as you read this, that is what she really said. I wouldn't lie about something like that, she had me almost laughing at that. She's doing better but she worries that her nosy coworkers at Schneider's Sweet Shop are going to butt in as almost all teens do, not to mention, to add insult to injury, one of her stupid classmates said to her "You don't know what love is." Yeah right, that coming from a classmate everyone calls slutty and got knocked up and now she has a child, not to mention her parents hate her boyfriend.
Ah, high school drama. But, if you read this, you'll know the stress at home I deal with. I wish I could help my sister, but I'm clueless as to how to help her, I've never dated.
She's doing better now, but I still worry about her, I mean, she has to see this guy at school and her nosy classmates and coworkers are probably going to make life a miserable h--- for her, not ever letting her hear the end of it, but if I know my sister, she'll probably flip the finger to them or cuss them out in Italian or something. She's tough and I'm here to help and so is my dad.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts and stuff

Random Thoughts: The title means what it means. Random thoughts just buzzing around. I recently discovered a new singer I like, people may have heard of her, Aaliyah. She's actually really good, I recently bought one of her albums, because I'm a big fan of R&B, which is the kind of music I was told she does. There's this one song by her I especially love, it's called 'Try Again'. It's really sad that she is no longer with us, she passed away in 2002, from a plane crash, poor girl. And not too long ago, I discovered the band U2, they are actually really good too. It's amazing what I can learn to like around others. Now, if anyone knows me well, they know what makes me annoyed, what makes me happy, what makes me calm, and so on and so forth. One thing that really ticks me off is when people are disrespectful to each other. Tremayne, whose blog is Quirky Embrace, he was right about people being selfish. I'm with him! He has a good head on his shoulders. People need to start being nicer to each other. And I believe there are more pressing matters to attend to than seeing/hearing about Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan getting busted for drugs repeatedly. You'd think they learned the first time?
              I guess not! And this 'Jersey Shore' fad, don't even get me started! I will be here all day talking and voicing my opinions on the show! One thing that does actually tick me off is when people disrespect each other, when people bring racism up. If you know me like my high school graduates do, they know that I hate when people bring race into conversations. When someone brings that up in conversations, I walk away because if not, I'll be tempted to put in my 2 cents and believe me, you don't want my 2 cents, because it'll be the cold, hard, truth! How the topic of my hate for racism came up is Sunday after church, my aunt wanted to go to Burlington Coat Factory in search of a new winter coat. When we pulled in to the parking lot, I saw a kind looking Asian family and black family going in and right then and there, that's when she started. I'm not going to say what she actually said, but just use your imagination. It was pretty brutal what she said about them.
         I'm the kind, sweet person that has this philosophy: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." It confuses me to no end as to why people in my family have to talk bad about others they don't know. If racism was a crime, my aunt would be on death row for it. She is guilty of this, she will openly use racial slurs towards people. My dad, however, says he jokes about it, and sometimes he does, sometimes he don't. Last night, he was making fun of the British accent and using bad names towards them, especially racial slurs, just because I said something about wanting to get a CD of Paul McCartney for my birthday. That's the way my dad is! And this one guy I graduated with, don't even get me started! But I'll just tell you a little about him, he proudly calls himself a redneck! He knows it drives me nuts to call people bad names and he knows it gets a rise out of me. He not too long ago insulted my step-dad, I don't know how he found out I had a step-dad, I guess one of my fellow graduates was chatty because I was talking to a friend of mine about spending the weekend with him and my mom. When he found out that I had a step-dad, he stupidly asks what race he was! That was a slap in my face to ask that! So he decided to find out elsewhere. When he found out my step-dad was Italian, he went nuts. He started insulting him using Italian slurs and I'm not saying them. I'm not racist, and don't plan on it. This is the most evil thing anyone ever came up with! 'Separating' people into different groups, there's no need to call people Asian-American, Latin-American, African-American if they were born in this country, then they are Americans! No need putting their ethnic background ahead!
                       Sorry to be sounding like I'm ranting, but I just needed to get this out of my system. I just can't bring my self to understand why people have to be disrespectful to each other because of race, gender, age, whatever! I was raised not to see that stuff, as far as I'm concerned, everyone is the same on the inside, we just all come in different packages. To me, the world is like a rainbow: each person is a different color and if we all come together and ignore the racism ideas, this world would be beautiful. Sorry, it's so long!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Los Festivales y Todo

You all are probably wondering what this means, it means Festivals and everything in Spanish. Now, I'm not sure if anyone out there in the blogosphere lives anywhere near Newport on the Levee, but if you do, you'll know what I'm talking about. There is this festival that happens every year, along the riverfront, it's called Italianfest. You can buy t-shirts, ride rides, play games, eat Italian food, hear Italian music, indulge in rich Italian culture. You can even see pictures of real Italian families that settled there generations ago. We went this summer and my sister bought a t-shirt. It is cobalt blue, says I love Italian boys, it has a heart on it with the design of the Italian flag and it says I love Italian boys. I bought one too, you've probably seen it, it is white with the map of Italy and across it says Italianfest, Newport Ky, in bright red. But I just thought I'd put this out there. And I'm not sure if anyone will know what I'm talking about, but does anyone remember that show The Dukes of Hazzard? I was watching that the other night and I was constantly thinking "Man, this show is old." My dad also said "You guys met them". What he means by that is about 2 years ago, we were at the Cavalcade of Customs car show and they were selling tickets to something called Dukesfest. My dad thought it sounded good. So he bought 3 tickets and before long, we were in Nashville. There is all this Dukes of Hazzard themed stuff down there. This big 'Dukesfest' festival had this big race later that night. All these bright orange Dodge Chargers painted exactly like the General Lee from the show. And I'm not sure if anyone else listens to Aerosmith, but this one song by them called Fallin In Love(Is So Hard on the Knees), that is a nasty song! It talks about making love in gross ways, and Steven Tyler uses the F word in it. And if you ever see the video, you see him flip the finger a few times!

Monday, September 20, 2010


If you are all wondering what this title means, it means 'Movies' in Spanish. You'll probably notice that I speak Spanish quite often in these blogs, but I enjoy speaking it. Over the weekend, I watched a few movies, well, my dad did at least. On Friday night, while my sister was at work, me and my dad watched this movie called My Cousin Vinny. It's really funny, it's about this Brooklyn lawyer named Vincent Gambini, Joe Pesci plays him and Marisa Tomei plays his girlfriend. They have to travel to Alabama to defend his cousin and a friend because they were convicted of murder. It's a really funny movie if you watch it. But it keeps reminding me of my 2 next door neighbors, David and Vicki, because they are both part Italian and from New York, whenever I hear them talk, I hear the accent. I watched this other movie, I'm pretty sure that everyone on the face of the earth has probably seen it at least once somewhere, Scarface. It's from 1983, it has Al Pacino in it. I never really realized how old the movie was. I've seen it so many times because my dad is a huge fan of De Niro and Pacino. Don't know why?!?!?

But if you know my dad, you'll discover that he's a huge movie buff. But I usually am the type to not worry what goes on in the world of Hollywood, I could care less what movie is coming out nowadays because I figure I have little or no money and whenever I do have money, my dad has to borrow some to get something, he'll usually say it's for something we need, yeah right! I fell for that one already and I lost $30 to him. He spent the money on cigarettes! How pathetic! I can't even enjoy the simple pleasure of going out to see a movie because my dad would want to go or I have no money! I wanted to see the new Karate Kid movie, but I had no money, then I wanted to see The Expendables, yet again, no dinero! I also had to add this: has anyone ever seen this movie I watched over the weekend? It's called What a Girl Wants. It has Amanda Bynes in it. It's about a girl who's living in New York and she hasn't ever met her dad, and when she finds out about him, she discovers he's a British politician running for office, so she goes to England and tries to find him. It's a really awesome movie, plus it's a cool movie for teens. I watched it after My Cousin Vinny because it was on some channel I forget the name of. But anyway, it's really awesome, and plus the guy who plays her dad in there, he's kind of cute, in a British gentleman sort of way. I think his name is Colin Firth or something, I love cute guys with an adorable English accent.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pop culture/news

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but does it seem like the media makes it out to seem that if you don't possess perfect boobs, a perfect bod, aren't tall, tan and gorgeous, that you're nothing? I do really hate this image that the media sends out. It's no wonder that so many young girls fall victim to eating disorders, like Anorexia nervosa or Bulimia nervosa. I mean, when girls get to be teens, they start worrying about their looks, they start worrying about attracting members of the opposite sex. But when they are constantly thinking "am I fat?" or " am I too ugly?", that's when they discover there's no room in their life for anyone else because they are convinced their not perfect.

That's when those eating disorders start setting in. I don't hope to sound like some raving moron airhead, but that's my opinion. I mean, in high school, so many girls are worried about peer pressure, rumors, bullying, it's sad! You got girls in high school pressuring girls and guys to have sexual intercourse at a young age, young girls dressing practically borderline prostitutes, teens getting pressured to try drugs/alcohol, it's sad! The media almost makes people grow up too fast. If people take a second to stop and notice, there are more teen moms coming out now than a few years ago. In fact, there were quite a few teen moms at my high school graduation. And I watch the news, and I hear about these moms out there leaving their kids in the car while they go in and rob places or leaving their kids in the car while they get their hair done and if it's hot out, the kids die of heat exhaustion. Did you hear about the mom who videotaped her kid smoking dope? I saw it on the news last night and I thought to myself, pardon my French, " What the h--- are you thinking, you stupid moron?" They showed her on the news and she was bawling! Yeah, she's crying only because she was caught!

That's one thing I don't like, it's when parents do bad things to their kids, I just don't like seeing bad things happening to good people. Another thing I don't like is when people are racist to one another, I may sound like some ranting person, but I feel my opinion needs to be heard. I'm growing quite tired of hearing about how people commit hate crimes and don't like people because of their skin color, race, gender, etc. It's not 1950's anymore! It's 2010! I recently visited some relatives in southern Kentucky, in a small town called Cynthiana, it's right outside of Falmouth. My uncle Justin, uncle Jeffrey, uncle Brud(Don't ask!), my aunt Lisa, my aunt Lois, aunt Robin all live down there! We went down there and I didn't think they would say anything because I had worn a t-shirt that said 'Italian fest, Newport, Ky' down there and the second they saw it, they started in on the insults. I'm sorry if I seem angry at this, it's just I was raised not to care about the color of skin or race. They started insulting Italians, Asians, Latinos, everybody, they didn't hold back on anyone. I just sat there, afraid to say anything, and my aunt Patty, don't even get me started!

You see, you have to realize that these relatives are pure country folks and that's supposedly their opinion. They had a radio playing out there and on the radio comes "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias, and I said I liked the song, they turned onto another station! How freakin ridiculous is that? Anymore, I hate going down there, I delightfully call it the 'Deliverance Family Reunion'. It may sound cruel, but they are my dad's family and I don't like them, I get so angry when they start badmouthing people. They start saying stuff like" Why do we have to learn how to speak Spanish? This is America, speak English!" Guess what I did? I didn't do anything bad, more funny than anything, I started speaking Spanish, but then my aunt gave me a dirty look and I had to sit there like I committed murder or something, most of the time when I visit them, my stupid aunt never shuts up! And P.S. If Mrs. Thomas is reading this, Hello, how are you today on this good day? Are you doing good? Are you having a good day?

And another thing: What is the big deal with this 'Jersey Shore' fad? All that show is about is a bunch of Italian teens growing up in Seaside Heights, NJ. If I'm going to watch anything out of Jersey, it'll be Cake Boss or The Sopranos. Either way, on either show, I have a favorite: on Cake Boss, my favorites are Joey, Buddy's brother, or Remy, his cousin. On The Sopranos, my 2 favorites are Silvio Dante, because the guy that plays him is Stevie Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen's guitarist, and Michael Imperioli, aka Christopher Moltisanti, his character. He's my favorite because he is cute! But sorry this blog is long, I just see alot of injustices in the world and feel they need to be known and see if anyone else out in this big world agrees.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Have you ever learned about something and then become totally fascinated by that thing? Well, that's how it goes for me. Ever since 7th grade history class, when we would learn about ancient China and Japan, and learn about their dynasties and everything, it kind of sparked an interest in those cultures for me. Ever since then, I have an avid interest in Chinese and Japanese history, the culture, just all the little customs and traditions of those 2 countries endlessly fascinate me to no end!

I don't know no if any one around here may show interest in this, but I just want to get this out to see if anyone shares an avid interest in history. My main goals for the future is to simply graduate, I am a simple person with simple aspirations, I don't want a lot, just to graduate, something simple and something accomplish able. One of the little goals I have is to learn how to speak Chinese, Japanese and Italian. The reason I wan to learn these languages is because I love to learn new languages, in high school I had to take a Spanish class to graduate and I enjoyed every second of the class. My fellow graduates did not seem to enjoy the class as much, they often said that Spanish class is 'gay'., they often said derogatory things about the teacher Mrs. Garcia de Burke. She is an awesome teacher. I treat her good like I do my family, every year, me and my little sister get her something on her birthday. You may think it's strange, but that's just the way I am, I care about eveyone. Well, I hope that they know that term could be considered a derogatory term for homosexual. Kids today, I swear!

But anyhow, I would love to learn these languages because I enjoy learning about other cultures that exist in our diverse world. And I'm actually quite good in Spanish, I often keep going back and forth between Spanish and English. P.S. for the ones who do not speak Spanish, Objetivos/Interesa means goals/ interests in Spanish. By the way, if Ms. Thomas is reading this-- Hola! How are you today? I just thought I'd include a good greeting! If this blog is long, lo siento or sorry in Spanish. You'll probably notice that I speak Spanish a lot in this blog, it's just a fun language to speak. As for any other little goals, I want to travel the world, some of the places I wan to visit people wonder why I want to see them, like China. I want to see China because of the interesting culture, the people are nice as long as you are nice to them, and it's an overall beautiful country. Plus 2 of my favorite actors are from the country, Jet Li and Chow Yun-fat. I want to see Japan because I've seen pictures of it and it's just a beautiful place, especially with Mt. Fuji, you look at it and it seems beautiful, I know people may find this unusual, but I'm an unusual person. I want to see Italy because it's so romantic. But I've heard people say that Italy is a 'high fraud' area because so many go there for honeymoons and whatever. I'll go with someone who knows their way around to be safe.

I do apologize if this blog is long, but I love to talk. I need to tell this one-- my sister went on her first date. Now if you know my sister, not too long ago, she was the kind of kid who read Spider-Man comics and hung action figures on small shelves on the wall, in fact she still has her Dare Devil action figure hanging on the wall. Now she is like Abby from NCIS, she dresses gothic/punk rock, with her Converse gymshoes, minskirts and Green Day shirts. Even though I'm an older sibling, I still think "Man, this kid used to like Spider-Man and all those comics and play with toys that were meant for boys when she was younger. Now she is dating and dressing different." It sounds like I'm thinking like a parent, but my dad thinks the same about me, he thinks" My oldest daughter is in college and my youngest daughter is dating! Talk about feeling old!" Hopefully, if I mention something, someone out there will connect to this and respond back. P.S. Mrs. Thomas, if you read this, Hello, how are you today? Are you doing good? Because I hope you are. I hope you're having a good day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goals for the future and a little of me!

I'm not a very interesting person, I"m just a 19 year old trying to graduate. To tell you a little about me, I love any kind of music, I'm a big fan of R&B, like Marvin Gaye, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, British Invasion-ear like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, rock like Aerosmith. I don't watch that much TV, but when I do, I usually watch Law and Order:SVU, CSI:NY, Top Gear, so for those who don't know what this show is, it's a show where these 3 British guys do stunts with cars. It's pretty cool.

I'm not an overly interesting person. My main goals for the future is to graduate with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. Then I want to get a good paying job as a graphic designer. I take interest in other cultures and I enjoy learning foreign languages, I want to learn how to speak Chinese, Japanese, Italian. I'm not sure why I want to learn these languages, but Chinese culture endlessly fascinates me. I know I sound like someone whose life does not seem interesting, but it suits me fine. My family is huge, most of them live far away, like my aunt Christie, uncle Dan and cousin Ashley, they all live out in San Diego. She is an RN(Registered Nurse). My cousin Ashley takes dance classes. But as for my other family, they live in the rural part of Kentucky, in a small town called Cynthiana. I love them dearly, but they have a tendency to racially insult people. Last weekend I wore my 'Italian fest' t-shirt when we went down there and the second my aunt Lois saw it, she and her family started insulting the Italians of out world.

If you really want to push my buttons, that's how you do it. Racism is not one thing I like. I HATE IT! I think to myself "Wake up people! It's not 1950 anymore! It's 2010!" Nobody cares about the color of your skin, your ethnicity. Icould go on about the people that my dad's family insults, like Italians, British, Latino, Asian, you name it, but never fear, I'm not like that. I care about everyone around me. I treat people the same way as my family. But my muy importante(very important in Spanish) goal is to graduate ad become a Graphic Designer. I enjoy doing this and hopefully if I can land a job doing this, Right on! I think I would be good enough to do graphic design, I'm creative, and I enjoy my work a little too much sometimes, if that's bad. then I'm guilty of being overcreative. If it sounds like I shoot off onto other topics, I do apologize, I figure if I can mention something, somebody will respond back with a reply. I enjoy learning about people, finding cool things we may share in common, such as reading tastes, musical tastes, common things such as being multi taskers, you name it. But if you read this, let's see if there's anyone out there who may share a common unique feature with me. I do enjoy creating CD Covers, posters to advertise. My main 2 interests in Graphic Design would be advertising and whatever career field CD cover design is under. If I can land a job doing either one of these 2 things, All right! I would be ready to do advertising and/or CD cover design in a heartbeat! I live for it! You don't have to do anything, you just tell me what band/artist you want a CD cover or what item you want advertised and let me loose! I'll not disappoint you! I'll make something for you that you'll love forever! I have an enormous work ethic and if I'm allowed to do something, I'll go at it full force!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Goals for the future and a little of me!

My goals for the future are simple and short: I want to simply graduate. Nothing more, nothing less, I'm a simple person with simple aspirations. I want to simply graduate. I don't want large goals, like get married or have a million kids, but to simply graduate. My goal is to go into either advertising or CD Cover design. I know I'll never be good enough for video game design, but CD cover design or advertising suits me well. I LOVE creating posters and advertisements. In fact, not too long ago, I had to creat something for my step-dad, mom and sister. My step-dad wanted a poster advertising a fictional music weekend. A few years ago, there was a music weekend at Riverbend called Hillbilly Weekend or something like that where nothing but Southern rock was played by Hank Williams Jr. and Willie Nelson. So I created this fictional 'British Invasion' weekend concert. I put 3 of the world's most famous British badns on it-- The Rolling Stones, The Who, Paul McCartney and Wings. So I'm really looking to get into advertising. So a little about me, my favorite shows are CSI:NY, Law and Order:SVU, Top Gear. My main goal for the far future is to travel the world, to learn how to speak Chinese, Japanese, Italian and travel to those countries. With me being a super huge Beatles fan, it would be cool to travel to London and see Abbey Road studios. Now, I'm not sure if anyone else shares goals similar to mine or my favorite music tastes, but I always love hearing about cool things about others.

This World Stinks!

I'm so tired of hearing about these Reds and Bengals players getting $20 and $30 million for playing! What I'm really beginning to tire of hearing about is our economy, how it is going down in flames! I mean, people can't find jobs, teachers are losing their jobs, schools are closing, but the people of the supposedly, so-called great city of Cincinnati can afford to put in a streetcar, a casino? That sucks, sorry to be so rude about it, but that's how I feel! Do you want to know how I spent my summer? I spent it all trying to find a job! No one is hiring, and with the money issue, it's bigger than Mick Jaggers' lips for crying out loud! I can't buy books for school, I have to hope and pray that financial aid covers it! This one book I have to buy is $185! I can't afford that, no wonder kids don't go to college, it's so expensive! I can't cover it with money from my bank account--I don't have enough, I just about cleared out my bank money buying 2 other books! I just wish that this terribly ridiculous economy would just get better! Pardon my French  but this economy is going to h--- in a handbasket! Sorry to sound like I'm ranting on about something, but I just need to get it out of my system. I'm just tired of hearing about these ridiculous politicians lying to get in office and not doing squat about anything! Sometimes I just wonder if it's even worth going to college, I can barely afford it, right now I'm barely squeaking by for college money, I mean my grades are doing just fine, they are peachy, it's just the financial issue, I'm relying on a student loan to get me by! It Is ridiculous. Sorry to sound rude, but I'm just a little P O'ed that I can't get stuff I need for school or a job! I mean, I tried EVERYWHERE! Donato's called back and politely siad that they weren't hiring, and I'm hoping that Hot Topic in the Florence mall is hiring, because if so, I'm there!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love of Reading

I'm the kind of person who just loves to read anything! My personal favorite types of stories or books are murder/mystery, stories where police investigate crimes (CSI books, etc), thriller stories (The Big Bad Wolf, Judge and Jury), any stories about mysteries or if any, maybe vampires, there is usually a good vampire story out there! What's even more creative: if you enjoy writing, write your own stories! In high school English, each student had to write a short story for our portfolio, and they told us that if our stories were good enough, they would publish them. I remember the story I wrote, it was about 2 cops who had to investigate a mob hit in Colorado. I'm the kind of person who enjoys writing, reading, looking at tropical island poetry, I'm your basic, average beat-nik hippie, I guess. Poetry I enjoy reading as well, mainly Island tropical poetry, I just enjoy the simple things in life, reading, writing, you name it. I do enjoy reading, whether it be a vampire story, good murder/mystery story, police investigation story, anything. I'm even the type to write short stories and keep them to read. It may sound weird, but I do have a very overactive imagination.

Long Weekend

My weekend stunk! I got to watch the drunks come home from the fireworks and I had some guy say "Hey baby, wanna make love?" only he did not say 'make love'. I was just thinking what a perv! I ignored him! I went to my mom's house over the weekend, I bought 2 books last night. How my weekend must be so boring!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Long Weekend. pt 1

OMG! I'm soooooooooooooooo bored with my pathetic little life! I'm down at the Newport library and there is this guy near me driving me insane! I know this probably has nothing to do with blogs or anything, he's driving me bonkers! Is that a good word for driving someone nuts? The highlight of my life is going with my mom for the weekend and going to a job interview for a job at Hot Topic at the Florence Mall next Friday! Have you seen that place? I used to think it was weird in there until I started finding cool things in there! They have all these cool retro Beatles rockband shirts! How awesome! They also have Rolling Stones, The Who and any band you can think of, they have stuff for any band you like, to fit all tastes in music! Sorry if it seems like I go off onto other topics, but I'm the kind of person that likes to talk and learn new, interesting things about people, to see if there is anyone else who might share something in common with me! I know Denise, aka Mz Carmel or whoever it is that has the Vampire page shares similar reading tastes that I do! I think she is AWESOME!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Weekend prelude

It's official! When the Riverfest thing starts, I get to sit on my porch and enjoy watching the parade of SOBER idiots walking down to Riverfest. My little sister gets to close up early at Schneider's Sweet Shop because her boss Jack don't want all the drunk, half-crocked hammered morons coming in and starting trouble! Then I get to watch all the DRUNK morons coming home! Did I happen to mention my sister is officially becoming Wednesday Addams? She bought a set of baby Venus flytraps and has begun naming them, starting with Daisy! How I end up with the unique family!