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Monday, September 27, 2010

TV shows

Everyone has a favorite TV show, don't they? Well, I have a lot of favorites. Law and Order:SVU is my biggest favorite. I enjoy watching that show because it's actually good. And I watch this one show my step-dad got me hooked on. It's called Top Gear, it's a show out of England that my step-dad watches. It's about these 3 British guys who do stunts with cars. I'm also a big CSI:NY fan. I really don't watch TV all that much, because most of the time I have my head in a book reading or I'm working on something for school.
But at night when I'm not doing something school related, I watch TV. I recently started watching this show on TV called Glee. It's pretty cool, I like it. There's this other show I like watching because it's funny. It's called Everyone Hates Chris. It makes me laugh. Alot of the stuff on TV that I watch has to do with police work, like Criminal Minds, Cold Case, CSI:NY, Law and Order:SVU, Numb3rs(this is a show), it's almost like a pattern with me, I guess it's because when I was younger, I wanted to be a police officer.

The reason being that I'm tired of seeing criminals, pedophiles, rapists, you name it getting more rights than the victims. When a man rapes a woman, think about it, in court, the rapist's lawyer will make it almost sound like she seduced him into having sex and she cried rape. I guess that's the reason I wanted to be a cop when I was younger. But when I hear about all the fatalities that come out of being a cop, I quickly changed my mind and went into something else that interested me--art.

I figure since I love art, go into a job like that. But that's probably the reason I love police related shows, police work endlessly fascinates me. It's funny how things end up, huh? When you were younger, you liked certain things and when you grow up and look back, you think "man, did I really like that?" You think that it's corny, that the stuff you liked when you were younger is corny now.

Believe me, it's a pattern with me, I'll watch anything that has to do with music, police work or sometimes reality. Now, I'm not sure if Cake Boss is considered reality, but if it is, I love it. I just love how he does all these intricate little designs. If I ever get a cake from him, I want a Sopranos-themed cake, I love that show! And Dancing with the Stars? I actually do like that show because I enjoy dancing, whether it be ballet, tango, Swing, or club dancing like the cha-cha slide or whatever. I love dancing! If you ever see me at a club or something where there's dancing, you'll see I'm most happy when I'm dancing! But some of the people on the new season of it I can't actually believe are on there: Bristol Palin, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino. What he needs to do is wake up and smell the coffee-he is not impressive, yeah he may have a body like Stallone, but he isn't going to hook any chicks if his ego is bigger than the entire country of Italy. And now Bristol Palin, from what I hear, she's a diva, thinking that just because she is famous for having a child out of wedlock, she can win. That's now how it works. I hear this one comedian is going to try out, I think her name is Margaret Cho, I hear she's funny, so I hope she wins.

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  1. When I was much younger they used to call me the TVguide, I knew what was coming on what day and what time and channel. So as I got older I decided one year to not watch any or read newspapers. I call the brain cell killers, I love to read and do crafts.