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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is There Something Wrong with Me?

For some God only knows reason, there are guys out there that I find handsome that everyone else thinks is ugly. What is wrong with this picture? Is there something wrong with me?

Here are some of the guys I find attractive, no matter the age. And if they are older, then I think they look good for their age.

StingThe Police

Ronnie Wood: Rolling Stones

It still amazes me that he is 65 years old and not one strand of gray hair. His hair is still completely jet black!!

Paul Nicholls: Law and Order: UK

Hugh Jackman

Richard Hammond: Top Gear

Paul Stanley: Kiss

Steven Tyler: Aerosmith

Joe Perry: Aerosmith

Tommy Thayer: Kiss

B.D. Wong: Law and Order: SVU. Even if he's gay, he's still kinda cute!!

Gerard Butler

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Gotta Love Family Sometimes...

Recently, my sister says she has this list of "fantasy" husbands. Oh brother!! She siad that if she could marry any one of these guys, she'd die happy. Here is her list of "fantasy" husbands.

Athlete husband: Derek Jeter, shortstop for New York Yankees

Olympian husband: Apolo Ohno, speedskater

Rock musician husband: Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day

Country music husband: Kenny Chesney

Doctor husband: my mom's doctor, Dr. Metzger. She has a crush on him
Latin husband: either one of 2 guys she met in Mexico, Yves or Alejandro
Actor: Johnny Depp

Now, here are mine. I really don't have that many. What really sucks is that some of these guys are married!! Oh well, I'll put some to see what comes to mind...
*= married

Actor: tough choice.
Paul Nicholls*

What are they putting in the water in England to make sexy guys???

Daniel Radcliffe

He's handsome here

Hugh Jackman

Musician: If he were my age, Sting from the Police. Yeah, I think he's still pretty sexy!!!

Athlete: None, really
Country music: Tim McGraw*

Cute Asian: Will Yun Lee
Italian: Michael Imperioli*. If he were my age!!!
What is it with Italian guys and blonde women?

Somewhere I'm Dying to See B4 I Die!!!!!!


Recently, a blogger called The Token Brit, aka Dominic Williams, did a post about what people think about when they hear London. About conjuring up images of the 2012 Olympics, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, things like that. But when I hear London, strangely enough, I can't help but think of things like Abbey Road, or the London Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, the thing that looks like a bridge out of the future that was featured in one of the Harry Potter movies, Hyde Park, Soho, The Stones playing in little clubs around until they get a big enough following. And also, yes, red telephone booths, the TV show My Family, funny enough and Law and Order: UK, with the detectives running around solving cases in various landmarks of the city, such as Kings Cross Road, Euston Street Rail station, etc.

IDK what is is about this city that fascinates me so. I think it's probably that this city is so much like many of the cities in the U.S., except that the inhabitants of this city have accents. But 4 all anybody knows, they probably think we US people have accents. Also, this city, in my humble opinion, should be considered the #1 fashion capital in the world. I mean, come on, there are so many fashion designers that have come out of this city that are successful. Stella McCartney, for starters. For some reason, I just love everything about this city!! Everything about it fascinates me to no end!!! And believe you me, if I had the chance to live here, oh heck yeah, I'd do it!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pics of one place I'm already saving up for to go see: London!! My savings account is called my "I'm Traveling To..." fund. You may think that this is all I think about, but I gotta have something worth hoping for in my life. Otherwise, I'll end up working a 9-5 job with no hopes and dreams. So far, only one of my "dreams" have come true: Travel to somewhere outside the U.S. That was to Mexico, which was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, had to put this one in here.

Tom Petty Music Videos

You gotta check out the video for "I Won't Back Down". Ringo Starr is playing the drums and George Harrison is playing on guitar. How cool is that????????

Also Currently Crushing On...

Keith Urban

Shemar Moore