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Friday, October 5, 2012

KISS With Makeup

This one ought to have more photos, considering people are more used to seeing them look like black and white monsters than anything

Eric Carr 

Eric Carr in costume as the Fox Man

Eric Singer

Tommy Thayer and wife

Eric Singer. Hmm, it's strange seeing he's the only one in the band who does not have black hair naturally

Ace Frehley as "Space Ace" or "The Space Man"

Gene Simmons and his family

Vinnie Vincent in costume as the Egyptian Ankh Warrior

Vinnie Vincent
Paul Stanley sans makeup. I still think he's cute!!

Paul Stanley's KISS costume: Star Child

Eric Singer in costume as "The Cat Man"

Peter Criss. He don't look so bad...

Gene Simmons in costume as "The Demon"

Tommy Thayer in costume as "The Space Man"

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