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Friday, October 12, 2012

Rolling Stones Songs with Ronnie Wood

Here are some songs of The Stones that Ronnie Wood helped out on

Love is Strong
-It's said that the video gives watchers the chance to watch Ronnie stroll the streets of New York and play guitar, like a giant guitar Godzilla, sans the lizard scales

Rock and a Hard Place
-Hehehehehe, I'm listening to this right now, lmao!!
-There are so many guitars being played on this song it is just awesome. You got Keith and Ronnie 'weaving' guitars, but also Jagger playing on guitar. Definitely enough to give Keith a run for his money on the guitar.

When the Whip Comes Down
-This driving B-Side to 'Respectable' from the Some Girls album, Ronnie contributes both guitar and pedal steel.

Dance pt. I
-Ronnie has more than enough writing credit on this song.

Emotional Rescue
-On this track, Wood is on bass while regular bassist Bill Wyman is on synthesizer. But alot of Stones fans fell out of love with this song because of it's heavy Philadelphia, four-on-the-floor disco beat.

Beast of Burden
-This is where Keith and Ronnie really intertwine guitar playing

Undercover of the Night
-Wood goes all blues on guitar for this track, which has Mick Jagger exploring corruption in Central and South America

Miss You
-Even though this was not a disco song, the beat would be enough to have everyone thinking it was. If you hear electric piano on it, that is Ronnie's old Faces friend Ian McLagan

It's Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)
-This gave Ronnie some experience into the world of The Stones. This was basically his audition song for joining the Stones

Start Me Up
-This is the most commonly used song by The Stones to kick off concerts. Because of it's iconic opening guitar riffs, anyone can identify this song as being one of The Stones, no matter how old or young you are.

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