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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

REAL Guitar Heroes

Instead of "Dueling Banjos" from Deliverance, how about dueling guitars?

-Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing
-Judas Priest
-These 2 ruled the world of hard rock with tracks like "Breaking the Law"

-Eric Clapton and Duane Allman
-Derek & The Dominos
Eric Clapton

Duane Allman
-Stone Gossard and Mike McCready
-Pearl Jam
-Revitalized everyone's idea of 90s grunge and restored the band to good working class, classic rock order
-Neil Young and Danny Whitten
-Neil Young & Crazy Horse
-Slash and Izzy Stradlin
-Guns N Roses
-Created some of the best known, down and dirty hard rock beats in the 80s and 90s
-The Allman Brothers
-James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett
-Earned the band it's nickname, the "Kings of Metal"
-Angus and Malcolm Young
-Joe Perry and Brad Whitford
-Considered a historic duo in many eras. During the 1970s, they created some of the most music note-worthy riffs in rock history
-Keith Richards and Brian Jones
-The Rolling Stones
-Their guitar playing was described as "weaving"

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