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Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 Things You Didn't Know About...

Ringo Starr
-Is left handed, but plays drums right handed
-Ringo is the inspiration for almost every drummer in rock music

-Was originally involved in the Thomas the Tank Engine cartoons
-He was the original storyteller/narrator

-He's a bit of an artist
-Growing up, he showed interest in art, drama and mechanics

-"Back Off Boogaloo"
-This song was inspired by having dinner with T.Rex member Mark Bolan

-The drumming you hear is made in one take
-This was taken from the Beatles days with George Martin, where Ringo had a limited amount of time to play drums

-His only regret is not having alot of Beatles stuff
-He gave alot of it away because he didn't think it was worth much to keep it

-Metropolitan Museum of Art
-He donated a drum of his, a gold Ludwig drum, to the museum

-He handled a lot of the production of music on his "Y Not" album

-His marriage to a Bond lady
-He married Barbara Bach, a former Bond girl. And most would say that even at 63, she's still turning heads!
-Self titled album features almost all Beatles
-Almost all the Beatles make an appearance on the album, helping to compose music, except John Lennon

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