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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is There Something Wrong with Me?

For some God only knows reason, there are guys out there that I find handsome that everyone else thinks is ugly. What is wrong with this picture? Is there something wrong with me?

Here are some of the guys I find attractive, no matter the age. And if they are older, then I think they look good for their age.

StingThe Police

Ronnie Wood: Rolling Stones

It still amazes me that he is 65 years old and not one strand of gray hair. His hair is still completely jet black!!

Paul Nicholls: Law and Order: UK

Hugh Jackman

Richard Hammond: Top Gear

Paul Stanley: Kiss

Steven Tyler: Aerosmith

Joe Perry: Aerosmith

Tommy Thayer: Kiss

B.D. Wong: Law and Order: SVU. Even if he's gay, he's still kinda cute!!

Gerard Butler

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