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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Peter Steele

Am I the only one who thinks Peter Steele looks a little similar to Blaze Bayley?

Also, he just sounded like a very fascinating person to do a post on!!
Birth name: Petrus T. Ratajczyk
DOB: 1/4/1962
Where: Brooklyn, New York
DOD: 4/14/2010
Where: New York City, New York (heart failure)
Height: 6'7''

-His baritone vocals
-Long black hair
-His towering height
-His lyrics which reflect his personal life

Cool facts
-He was the lead singer/bassist for New York-based goth metal band Type O Negative
-Three songs he wrote, "Todd's Ship Gods (Above All Things)", "Life is Killing Me" and "The Dream is Dead" are all about his father
-His mother is referenced in the song "Nettie"
-Prior to forming Type O Negative, he worked for the New York Sanitation Department
-He posed for the August 1995 issue of Playgirl
If anyone who reads this is female and a Type O Negative fan, I'm sure this will brighten your day!
-He has Polish, Icelandic and Russian in his heritage
-The last interview he did before he died was featured in the documentary American Nightmare
-Before he died, he was set to produce an album by Myke Hideous
-He suffered from bipolar disorder
-He was very self-conscious about his 6'7'' height and when photo shoots of the band were done, he was usually sitting down or taken from an angle where when people looked at it, they couldn't really tell how tall he was, towering over his bandmates

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bruce Dickinson feared for his voice after fighting cancer

Current Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson worried about the future of his voice after fighting cancer.
In 2014, the band released their 16th studio album, The Book of Souls. Unfortunately, touring for the Mayan-themed album was postponed because of Bruce's cancer diagnosis. He had to take ten months off for recovery and treatment

"I was pinching myself for the first shows back, because none of us knew how it was going to sound, my voice. Unquestionably there were some things that had changed and it was difficult. There were so many things that were uncertain. You just had to open your gob and see what came out – if a bag of spanners fell out you’d think, 'Oh s—.'" he told British metal magazine Kerrang!

When he first received his cancer diagnosis, Dickinson admits to going through a bout of depression before finally deciding to take the bull by the horns and face it head on. He says "I turned down things like feeding tubes. They wanted to put bloody pipes and holes in me. I went, 'Nah, I’m not going to do that. I will feed myself somehow.' I thought, 'Let’s just get stuck into things as quickly as possible, and if it doesn’t work I’ll have to make another plan. I was very lucky I didn’t lose a catastrophic amount of weight, as a lot of people do. You can feel sorry for yourself, and I went through a phase of that. But I thought, 'There’s no point in assuming I’m going to get a bad result here'".

While their singer was taking care of his cancer situation, Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harrist was becoming aware quickly and even admitted publicly the band can't go on forever. But they are taking careful steps to keep retirement at bay, especially the band's lively drummer, Nicko McBrain

Steve Harris had this to say. "It’s got to happen at some point, but I don’t really want to think about it. We’re not getting any younger. Lo and behold, after all these years Nicko’s given up drinking. He gave up about 18 months ago. He’s better for it – I think everyone’s thinking that they want to go on longer, and are doing whatever they think is necessary to do that." Even if Maiden ended tomorrow, he said he wouldn't want to be "pottering about the garden. If I’m able I’d still do some gigs with British Lion, and I would still like to record".

It looks like Gene Simmons isn't the only one declaring "rock is dead"

Former KISS drummer Peter Criss is sharing that same opinion!
Both he and current KISS bassist Gene Simmons both are of the sound mind and opinion that rock is officially dead. When Simmons first mentioned this, there was an utter firestorm of controversy stemming from musicians all over. Now, the former KISS drummer is starting to suspect his former bandmate was right. During a recent interview with Hi Fi Way, Criss basically restated Simmons' opinion, stating that "rock ‘n’ roll is over." Despite saying that he is a "21st century guy", he can't help but feel disappointed in today's music. Hearing the music of today has pushed him farther toward the decision to retire from music completely

"I’ve been around since the day that the Beatles were onstage, I’ve been around when music was Motown … I’ve been around! What’s going on today ain’t my cup of tea. The ’60s and ’70s were the times to be around. I saw Jimi Hendrix, I saw the real Who, the real Zeppelin, the Beatles and seen the Stones many times now that I know them and we’re friends. Over the years a lot has happened to me and I got to see all these great acts, and what I see today doesn’t rock my cradle and doesn’t do anything for me and I don’t care for a lot of the music". When he and the rest of KISS first started out, they had to fight tooth and nail just to make a name for themselves, which wasn't easy, because at the time the band formed, many labels wanted punk, glam rock or even disco

"We were early pioneers and no one was doing that when we started out. Now everyone does it, so it isn’t big news anymore. It’s time for me to get off the train as it’s not a great ride anymore. I don’t go out to concerts much anymore because I don’t enjoy myself because I get constantly harassed, people with phones wanting to take pictures, I can’t really sit and enjoy the concert or have a good time so I’m more of a homebody these days. The world has changed, my friend".

There is hope for all Led Zeppelin fans...

There are rumors abound of a possible Led Zeppelin reunion...
A recent message on Robert Plant's site is sparking interest in the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion. This latest rumor is of them reuniting and supposedly playing the 2017 Desert Trip, a weekend music festival. Until there is more proof of this, don't get your hopes up. But wouldn't it be nice to celebrate the fact that Zeppelin have been one of rock's top names for close to 50 years with a nice little reunion?

Unfortunately, these rumors have been going for a while. In 2014, there was a reunion rumor going around. Plant flat out said "You’re going back to the same old s—. A tour would have been an absolute menagerie of vested interests and the very essence of everything that’s s—ty about big-time stadium rock. We were surrounded by a circus of people that would have had our souls on the fire. I’m not part of a jukebox!"

So, if there are any chances of Led Zeppelin reuniting, let's keep our hopes up and prayers alive!!

The Urbz: Sims in the City

This is, yet again, another entry in The Sims series of games. This one is a bit more complex, in the sense that you can work all new jobs, get outfits native to the particular location you are at, etc. But the premise is still, more or less, the same. At each location, you have a set number of goals to accomplish and achieving these goals unlocks new items.
-The main Sim you create starts out in SimCity, at an apartment in downtown SimCity. Soon, the city's most popular Sim, Darius, comes to greet your Sim at their apartment. He mentions that he has a secret machine that can only be fixed if the Sim you control finds all the parts and defeats all the villains in each of the various districts. Some of the districts share the same villain. And to defeat them, you must earn a special social interaction. When you defeat all the villains, you are invited to Darius' penthouse, where you are greeted by the bosses of each district

-In each district, you must interact with various Sims to build their reputations, called "Rep" in the game. This is nothing more than a simple measure of how popular your Sim is. The higher their reputation goes, the more districts, locations they can unlock
-Just like any of the Sims games, you have needs to fulfill. They are Hunger, Comfort, Toilet, Sleep, Hygiene, Fun, Environment. You can also gain skills by playing mini-games. You can earn money through the various jobs at the various districts in the city, but you will also have to pay rent to Darius. Not surprisingly, depending on the district you are in, you will have goals particular to that location
-There are 9 total districts in this game. Each district has its own Sims, who each have their own Social Interactions you can unlock. There is also a job at each district that you must earn three promotions in to move on. Each location has a small bedroom area for your Sim to sleep in
Gasoline Row
-Resident Sims: Pork Chop, Duke Headbutt, Suzie Mack, Sharky Splitz, Jet Rockitt,
-This is a combination biker club/motorcycle shop. The job here is to make motorcycle parts and keep the customers happy by also grilling sausages on a nearby round grill. All the Sims here are bikers, and more often than not, you will frequently see Sims going to a set of motorcycles at the back of the area to race back and forth
Central Station
-Resident Sims: Scary Mary, Frag Grrl, Beelzebob Jones, Genghis Lincoln, Kidd Chaos
-This is an underground subway station that seems to be, in personality and nature, largely heavy metal and punk. The job here is to make body piercings. Every one of the Sims here would not look out of place at an industrial metal concert or punk concert
Kicktail Park
-Resident Sims: Ally Stile, Rolanda Skye, Trang Hang, Skid Mark, String Bean
-This is a skate park. Every one of the Sims here looks like a skateboarder. The job here is to use the giant halfpipe in the center of the area to perform tricks
The Foundry
-Resident Sims: Bella Ciao, Arthur Pop, Crispin Black, Neo Flange, Roxanna Hardplace
-This area is a sort of artsy, beatnik vibe combined with a strong industrial metal atmosphere. The job here is to work the giant metal sculptor machine and make statues
Neon East
-Resident Sims: Professor Chewy, Mazuiko Jackson, Venus Moonflower, Loop D. Loop, Sara Tonin
-This district looks like something out of a Japanese anime cartoon. Everything and everyone is brightly colored, in neon clothing. The job here is Sushi Chef. You must prepare sushi for the customers
Cosmo Street
-Resident Sims: Fergie,,, Taboo, Polo
-This is a nightclub. The Black Eyed Peas are Sims here. They are: Fergie,,, Taboo and another Sim named Polo. Here the job is bartender. Tend the bar, make drinks and keep your customers entertained
Diamond Heights
-Resident Sims: Pootie Fads, Sophie Couture, Diva Roma, Cash Monet, Babbette Couture
-This is like haute couture all around. Everything here, including the Sims, are all glitz and glam and high fashion. The job here is to model. This particular district is a penthouse apartment stretching across the tops of two buildings
South Side Bridge
-Resident Sims: Jimmy Two-Shoes, Louie Bricks, Pamela Sneer, Babs Margarita, Luke Laruffle
-This is a riverside nightclub. The Sims here love to live it up. The job here is Pyro, where you need to make fireworks
Skyline Beach
-Resident Sims: S.A. Loco, Lil' Bit, Ridiculous D.O.G., Toots Sweet, Isis Ice
-This is a rooftop area. The job here it Ferret Wrassling, which isn't hard; simply tame ferrets coming out.
-There are also 3 apartments you can unlock as well. These locations are blank canvasses and are just waiting for your personal touch with items from the various districts
-98th Avenue, 3rd Floor
-Blankwood Towers
-Darius' Apartment