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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hot Man Friday: Hugh Jackman

IDK if I already did a post on Hugh Jackman, but if I didn't, here it is! God he's gorgeous!! I love the accent :D
Birth name: Hugh Michael Jackman
DOB: 10/12/1968
Where: Sydney, Australia
Height: 6'2''

-Handsome features
-Has played the character Logan/Wolverine in 7 different films
-Undergoes extreme fitness training to play Wolverine. At his best, he can benchpress well over 300 pounds
-Got a degree in journalism before going into acting
-Considered People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2008. Got this issue, lol!!!
-Was considered for the role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face in The Dark Knight. It went to Aaron Eckhart instead
-For some scenes of the movie The Fountain, had to shave off all the hair on his head and chest
-Frequently gets offered roles based on comic books. He was offered the roles of The Hulk, The Punisher, Iron Man, Daredevil (omg, him in tight red leather? I'd watch it!) Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four and Jonathan Kent in Superman Returns
-On May 15, 2000, he adopted a boy, Oscar Maximillian Jackman
Hugh Jackman, his son Oscar and daughter Ava
-According to the comic books, Wolverine is only 5'3''. In real life, Hugh stands at 6'2'', a whole foot taller
-While filming Van Helsing, he accidentally broke an extra's hand
-When he isn't wearing contacts, he's extremely near sighted. When he was hosting SNL, he had to memorize everything
-After filming X-Men, he said it was difficult to summon up the necessary anger and rage to play Logan/Wolverine. After working with Bryan Singer, the director, he found it to be easy
-On July 10, 2005, adopted a little girl, Ava Eliot Jackman
-To prepare for his role in Swordfish, he had to take stunt driving classes
-While shooting on location for movies, his wife or family would stay with him
-Doesn't smoke in real life. Finds it a filthy habit
-His parents were English immigrants to Australia
Been in
The Greatest Showman on Earth (announced)
-P.T. Barnum
X-Men: Days of Future Past (post-production)
Prisoners (completed)
-Keller Dover
The Wolverine
Les Miserables
-Jean Valjean
Rise of the Guardians
-Easter Bunny (voice)
Real Steel
-Charlie Kenton
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
He was often the most sarcastic character in the X-Men movies
-Wyatt Bose
Flushed Away
-Roddy St. James
The Prestige
-Robert Angier
-Peter Lyman
Van Helsing
-Van Helsing
Kate & Leopold
-Stanley Jobson
-Kevin Jones

Funniest thing in the world. See this woman? That's his real life wife, Deborrah Lee-Furness

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


-Jonathan McQuarry is an auditor living in Manhattan. While working late, he encounters a well dressed man named Wyatt Bose. Somehow their cell phones get switched and suddenly Jonathan's "phone" is ringing off the hook with women asking if he's free. It turns out Wyatt belongs to a sex club, where people meet anonymously in hotels. Jonathan falls in love with one of the members, known only as "S". When she goes missing, demands involving violence and money start coming up

-Ewan McGregor: Jonathan McQuarry
-Hugh Jackman: Wyatt Bose
-Michelle Williams: S
-Bruce Altman: Lawyer

Did You Know?

Happy Birthday to "The Demon"

I know Gene Simmons' birthday is August 25, 1949. He turns 64 Somehow I forgot to do a post for his b-day, like I do for all musicians on here. Well, here it is, just a lil late, sorry!

Here are the Top 10 Demonic Gene Simmons songs
Not for the Innocent
-Lick It Up: 1983

Mr. Blackwell
-Music from "The Elder": 1981

Rock and Roll Hell
-Creatures of the Night: 1982

Goin' Blind
-Hotter Than Hell: 1974

I Love It Loud
-Creatures of the Night: 1982
-Looooooooooove this song!!!!!

Almost Human
-Love Gun: 1977

War Machine
-Creatures of the Night: 1982

-Revenge: 1992

Watchin' You
-Hotter Than Hell: 1974 and Alive!: 1975

God of Thunder
-Destroyer: 1976

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Nameless Dead

-Matt Wells hasn't had time to write much lately. After being the victim of a brainwashing experiment, any word in German or other language can trigger him to be a killer in an instant. And this time, he's not alone. London Met Police officer Karen Oaten is with him this time and she's also pregnant with his child. He soon learns she was a victim as well. Soon, Matt finds himself working with the FBI to catch a killer who killing off people of other ethnicities, deemed "subhuman" by the Nazi killers

Maps of Hell

-This is something Matt Wells could never have dreamed up in any of his novels. After waking up naked in a cell, not being able to remember who he is or how he got there, he soon learns he is the victim of a sick brainwashing experiment being done by a secret militia known as the North American Nazi Revival, a group dedicated to bringing back the ideals of the Nazis. He occasionally will get glimpses of who he was as he starts remembering, things like musicians he likes, such as Led Zep or The Stones, a blonde woman he thinks he should know. After escaping, he is convicted of 3 murders.

He gets partial help in escaping from a woman named Mary. And soon they are in a hotel hiding, she tries to take him to bed, only to be refused sex. Angered, she calls the police and tells them to look for an Englishman named Matt Wells.

The Soul Collector

-After Matt Wells was targeted by "The White Devil", he's had to constantly look over his shoulder. Now that mystery authors are dropping dead like flies and his friend, also an author, dies, he begins getting paranoid that he being targeted. He must now try and end the killer's reign only to find out this is just the beginning of something more dangerous...

Read it and give it a 10 out of 10. This guy is already a new favorite author of mine!

The Death List

-Matt Wells is a well-known London crime writer for a local music magazine and novelist. He's almost broke, with his books not selling like he thought. Then, out of the blue, he gets money from someone who wants to be addressed as WD, who later goes to be known as "The White Devil"

This murderer wants Matt to tell his story of how he hurt everyone who impacted his life somehow. And somehow, at each murder, the finger points at Matt being the killer; the killer is incriminating him and before long, the entire London Metropolitan Police force is on the lookout for him.

I definitely give it a 10 out of 10 on the good book scale. Especially if you love books that take place in London, then it's really good :D It's a really good mystery book. These are the kinds of mysteries I like to read, and for some reason, if they take place in another country, involving the culture of that country, it makes it more interesting. This one takes place in London, England and involves the London Police

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Reading

If you're looking for a new mystery author to check out, here's one I recently discovered. Paul Johnston. He's a Scottish-born mystery author whose books I've been reading lately. I came across one of his books, The Death List, not too long ago! Awesome!! I recently finished another book of his, Maps of Hell and now I'm reading another book of his, The Nameless Dead. Check out his books if you like mystery. All of these books feature a character named Matt Wells, who is a British-born crime column writer. The first book, The Death List, takes place in London, so it's probably not surprising to find me reading this, lol!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
-Quiz show that tests adults knowledge of different school subjects years 1-5

Celebrity version
-This means someone famous has been on the show.

Clay Aiken
-Amount won: $300,000

Regis Philbin
-Amount won: $175 000

Tony Hawk
-Amount won: $175,000

Rick Fox
-Amount won: $25,000
Gene Simmons
-Amount won: $500,000
Jennie Garth
-Amount won: $100,000

George Smoot
-Amount won: $1,000,000

Bill Goldberg
-Amount won: $175,000
Sugar Ray Leonard
-Amount won: $100,000

Larry the Cable Guy
-Amount won: $300,000

-Jeff Foxworthy: Host

Never Too Young to Die

I'm doing a post on this because I think it's funny to see Gene Simmons dressed as a woman, lmao!!!

Never Too Young to Die
-Drew Stargrove is a secret agent who was murdered by a character named Von Ragar. This movie, similar to most James Bond movies, involves the agent's son, Lance, thrust into the world of spies, when he seeks payback for his father's murder

[snickering] [trying not to laugh] He's dressed as a girl [more snickering. lol]

-John Stamos: Lance Stargrove
-Vanity: Danja Deering
-Gene Simmons: Carruthers/Velvet Von Ragner
-George Lazenby: Drew Stargrove
-Peter Kwong: Cliff
-Ed Brock: Pyramid
-John Anderson: Arliss

Did You Know?
-The costume Gene Simmons wears for the nightclub act is the same one that Lynda Carter wore for her TV special Encore in 1980, where she tried to look like a member of KISS, while singing "I Was Made for Loving You"

Grease 2

Grease 2
-Michael Carrington is a new student from London, England attending high school at Rydell High in 1961. He's immediately branded a brainiac. There's a new generation of T-Birds and Pink Ladies. He now has to prove he's the cool guy, by donning a leather jacket, fixing up an old motorcycle and winning the heart of Stephanie Zinone, a Pink Lady

-Maxwell Caufield: Michael Carrington
-Michelle Pfeiffer: Stephanie Zinone
-Lorna Luft: Paulette Rebchuck
-Maureen Teefy: Sharon Cooper
-Alison Price: Rhonder Ritter
-Pamela Adlon: Dolores Rebchuck
-Adrian Zmed: Johnny Nogerelli
-Peter Frechette: Louis DiMucci
-Christopher McDonald: Goose McKenzie
-Leif Green: Davey Jaworski
-Didi Conn: Frenchy
-Sid Caesar: Coach Calhoun
-Dody Goodman: Blanche Hodel

Did You Know?
-Maxwell Caufield won the male lead over Shaun Cassidy, Rick Springfield
-Characters and actors from the original Grease reprised their roles in this film. Such as Eve Arden, who played Principal McGee, Didi Conn, who played Frenchy, Dody Goodman as Blanche Hodel, the principal's assistant, Sid Caesar as Coach Calhoun, Eddie Deezen as Eugene Felnick
-Michelle Pfeiffer's debut film
-Pat Benatar was considered for the role of Stephanie Zinone
-Eve Arden's last movie


-Greaser Danny Zuko and Australian exchange student Sandy Olsen fall in love over the summer. It's the 1950s and in California! What they don't know until it's too late is that they'll both be attending Rydell High School. Danny's the leader of The T-Birds, a group of black leather jacket greasers and Sandy hangs with the Pink Ladies, led by Rizzo. They eventually fall back in love towards the end when Sandy becomes a greaser girl

-John Travolta: Danny Zuko
-Olivia Newton-John: Sandy Olsen
-Stockard Channing: Betty Rizzo
-Jeff Conaway: Kenickie
-Barry Pearl: Doody
-Michael Tucci: Sonny
-Kelly Ward: Putzie
-Didi Conn: Frenchy
-Jamie Connelly: Jan
-Dinah Manoff: Marty Maraschino
-Eve Arden: Principal McGee
-Sid Caesar: Coach Calhoun
-Susan Buckner: Patty Simcox
-Eddie Deezen: Eugene Felnick
-Annette Charles: Cha Cha DiGregorio

Did You Know?
-Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into the spandex pants she wore at the carnival scene due to a zipper breaking
-Set in high school, most of the cast were well past their high school years. John Travolta was 23, Olivia Newton-John was 28, Stockard Channing was 33, Jeff Conaway was 26, Barry Pearl was 27, Michael Tucci was 31, Kelly Ward was 20, Didi Conn was 25, Jamie Donnelly was 30, Annette Charles was 29. Only Eddie Deezen, Dinah Manoff and Lorenzo Lamas were still teens, all 19
-Rydell High is a reference to Bobby Rydell, who had a major song, "Swingin' School" in 1960
-Harry Reems, who was known for porn movies such as Deep Throat, had cold feet about hiring him. They instead hired Sid Caesar to play Coach Calhoun
-Randall Kleiser, director of the film, hated the title song. Because the movie was set in the 1950s, he felt that the title song, with it's heavy disco beat and cynical lyrics was inappropriate
-The scene in Frenchy's bedroom where Rizzo is singing the line about Elvis, was filmed the day he died