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Friday, August 16, 2013

10 worst solo albums

Here are the 10 worst solo albums in rock history
Radio K.A.O.S: 1987
-Roger Waters
-Basically in the minds of all who listen to this album: it sucks, is what they'd most likely say!
Two the Hard Way
-Gregg Allman and "Woman": 1977
-Anyone who looks at the cover of this album automatically is going to know that "woman" is none other than pop singer Cher
Oh Yes I Can
-David Crosby: 1980
-Probably not so good
Koo Koo
-Debbie Harry: 1981
-This came about as a result of record execs trying to pry her off Blondie fame
Madcap Laughs
-Syd Barrett: 1980s?
-90% of the music sounds like drugged-up acid rock
Gone Troppo
-George Harrison: 1980
-The name is Aussie slang for losing your marbles. George at this time was still in grief over the shooting death of John Lennon
Let Me Rock You
-Peter Criss: 1982
-This album reflected Criss' own kind of music he loves: slow ballads, pop music. Instead of the head banging hard rock or thrashing metal that his other Kiss mates love
Standing in the Spotlight
-Dee Dee Ramone: 1980s
-Dee Dee Ramone trying to be a wannabe rapper named Dee Dee King? [snickering]
Two Sides of the Moon
-Keith Moon: 1970s
-On this album, Keith Moon, who was probably diagnosed with schizophrenia, showed about 5-6 different sides on this album
The Golden Scarab
-Ray Manazarek: 1974
-Basically it sucks!

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