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Friday, August 9, 2013

Disturbing songs people love

Every Breath You Take
-The Police
-Many people apparently take the song’s “every breath you take / every move you make / I’ll be watching you” lyrics as a lover’s vow, but Sting says he had more sinister things in mind — for example, governments spying on their citizens. “I think the song is very, very sinister and ugly,” he told BBC Radio.

Brown Sugar
-The Rolling Stones
-“God knows what I’m (going) on about in that song,” Mick Jagger says of ‘Brown Sugar,’ one of the Rolling Stones‘ most popular anthems of all time.

Wow, the only one who has pants on is Bill! Whereas Mick is probably Full Monty level naked, yuck!

My Sharona
-The Knack
-The inspirational girl behind this song was only 17

Maxwell's Silver Hammer
-The Beatles
-The song is about a guy named Maxwell who kills his girlfriend, school teacher and a judge using the titular piece of equipment

Smoke on the Water
-Deep Purple
-The song traces the events of a Frank Zappa concert in Montreaux, where someone shot a flare gun, burning the venue to the ground

Rape Me
-Someone would actually write a song about the most traumatic of sexual crimes?

Date Rape

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