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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Sims Bustin' Out

This is one of many games in the widely popular The Sims series
-Malcolm Landgrabb is the richest Sim in SimCity. He is taking items from each of the lots for unpaid rent. The main objective is to have your Sim progress through each career and get back everyone's possessions and to finally become rich and successful enough to evict Malcolm from his own beachside mansion

-In order to unlock new areas, you must complete missions. In each lot, Malcolm will take one or two items, which can be easily received when you buy enough things to upgrade the place
There are thirteen different locations you can go to in here, each with its own missions and unique Sims
Mom's House
-Resident Sim: Mom
-This is where you start off at. This single floor ranch is on a farm, which explains the constant mooing of cows, clucking of chickens and whinnying of horses. You can always move back here. The bus doesn't pick up anyone here, so if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of trying to make friends or earn skill points and you want to do these things at your own leisure, move back to Mom's place
Dudley's Trailer
-Resident Sim: Dudley Landgrabb
-This is a trailer in the desert. You'll often hear crows cawing and coyotes howling. You'll quickly find out that Dudley is a bit of a slacker. He's messy, forgets to flush the toilet, will often turn on electronics and walk away, such as turning on the stereo or TV and walk away, or he'll often leave to go nightclubbing
Mimi's Place
-Resident Sim: Mimi Landgrabb
-She is certainly no better than her brother Dudley. She is messy, leaves electronics on and will more often than not leave at all hours of the day and night to go clubbing or something else. Her place is a suburban ranch in the suburbs
Goth Manor
-Resident Sims: Bella and Mortimer Goth
-This lot is where you encounter your first NPC (non-playable character). Depending on the gender of your Sim, if your Sim is a girl, you can switch back and forth with Bella Goth, whose job is a Horror Movie Actress and therefore Mortimer can't be controlled. Whereas if your Sim is a boy, you can switch back and forth between you and Mortimer Goth, who is a Pyrotechnician and therefore you can't control Bella. This is a mansion surrounded by cemeteries and is always storming.
Studio 8
-Resident Sims: Artie Fischl and Charity Grant
-This is an art studio in an industrial neighborhood, judging from the brick and mortar buildings surround it. This lot, once again, has a non-playable character. It's the same situation as Goth Manor. Depending on the gender of your Sim, that determines what character you can switch back and forth with. Charity is a Massage Therapist and Artie is a Massage Therapist as well
Toane's Gym
-Resident Sims: Max and Goldie Toane
-This is a gym. The resident Sims here are health nuts. When they aren't working out, they are eating or making messes. This lot is a gym in the business district of SimCity. Once again, you encounter the non-playable character scenario. As mentioned, it comes down to the gender of your Sim which determines which Sim you can switch back and forth with. Goldie and Max are both in the Jock career, they are Starters
Casa Caliente
-Resident Sims: Paisley Rainbow and Randy Hart
-This place just screams 70s love shack. It's on the beach and the whole house has a 1970s beachy love shack feel. This is the first location where marriage is made a goal
Club Rubb
-Resident Sims: Bing Bling and Mona Lott
-This is a nightclub. These two Sims are constantly eating, messing around on the large DJ machine or dancing on the dance floor, talking about parties, etc This lot also has the option for marriage
Shiny Things Labs
-Resident Sims: Makino Nada and Vaughn Braun
-This is a science lab in an industrial park. You're surrounded by toxic wasteland and industrial warehouses. Marriage is once again an option here
Tinsel Bluffs
-Resident Sims: Humphrey Hawks and Fanny Adore
-This is a fancy house up in the hills overlooking SimCity. Here is one of the locations where you must have a baby and raise it to a child. This isn't hard. The easiest way to do this is simply make sure your Sim and his/her wife or husband are both in a good mood. Just keep up the random romantic actions and a message should pop up, reading "Would you like to have a baby?" Hit yes or no. Then it tells you the gender of the baby and you can name it. To raise it to a child, simply feed it and sing to it when it cries. NEVER PLAY WITH THE BABY!!! It takes about 3-4 Sim days to raise it to a child
Pixel Acres
-Resident Sims: Chase Skurts and Ying Yangst
-This is a hippie nudist colony. They are always talking about loving nature and getting free of clothing
The Octagon
-Resident Sims: General Payne and Maxine Powers
-This is a military base and these two are always talking about things as if they are planning on mounting an assault on someone or something
Malcolm's Mansion
-Resident Sim: Malcolm (until Mom kicks him out)
-This is a beachside mansion. This is what you get for all your hard work
There is also Free Play mode
-Lot 1
-Lot 2
-Lot 3
Of course, in order to survive, your Sim is going to need money. The only way to obtain that, is to get a job. All the careers end at Malcolm's Mansion since that is where you earn the final promotion for each career. The final promotion earns you a gnome of that career for the large fountain outside his house. Here is the selection of jobs you have to choose from
-Counter Culture
-Not shockingly, Counter Culture is simply another name for hippie. This career is very hippie-like in its promotions, such as Massage Therapist, Flower Child, Love Guru, Transcendentalist, etc. The lots where this job is typically offered and picks you up include Casa Caliente, Studio 8, Mimi's Place, Pixel Acres
-Sports. That is what this career is. You earn promotions to jobs such as Starter, Head Coach, Mascot, etc. The lots for these jobs include Dudley's Trailer, Toane's Gym, Shiny Things Labs, Tinsel Bluffs
-Fashion Victim
-Haute couture, high fashion, clothes, etc. It's all about fashion. This job has promotions like Hair Designer, Sex Symbol, Fingernail Painter, etc. The lots for this job include Mimi's Place, Studio 8, Club Rubb, Tinsel Bluffs
-Joining the armed forces isn't easy. In this game, it's not either. The lots for this line of work include Dudley's Trailer, Toane's Gym, Shiny Things Labs, The Octagon
-You ever hear of the "five finger discount?" This career helps you perfect it with more. The lots for this career include Dudley's Trailer, Toane's Gym, Casa Caliente, Pixel Acres
-Movie Star
-Talk about drama queen or drama king!! In this career, acting is your talent. The lots for this career include Mimi's Place, Goth Manor, Club Rubb, Tinsel Bluffs
-Mad Scientist
-"It's alive! It's alive!" You'll be saying that and more when you become a Mad Scientist. Play with fire as a Pyrotechnician. Mess around with DNA as a Gene Splicer. The lots for this career include Dudley's Trailer, Goth Manor, Shiny Things Labs, The Octagon
In Free Play mode, you have choices for jobs too
-Rock Star
-Computer Geek

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Barnyard (video game)

This is another game for kids that is just too cute!! And if you've seen the popular movie of the same name, then you'll be familiar with some of the characters in this game, like Ben the Cow, Duke the Dog, Pig the Pig, Otis the Cow, Hannah the Hen and Freddie the Ferret, Miles the Donkey, Root the Rooster among others
-You play as a cow that must help out the animals of the farm. The game does follow the storyline of the movie to an extent but still follows its own path. Some of the characters die and new ones are introduced.

-There are various little mini-games within this game that you can play. Most of these games start off as part of a mission, but after completing said mission, they become available for free play afterwards. Some of the mini games you can play include:
-Tease the Mailman
-Tease Mrs. Beady
-Mud Jumpers
-Vegetable Patch Defender
-Cow Tipping
-Honey Collecting
-Whack a Mole
-And many other fun games

-You will have to complete various missions along the way for other animals. Some missions involve playing games, some missions involve going on a scavenger hunt to obtain certain items, other missions involve simply helping out another animal. In terms of the missions, keep this in mind: if they are night missions, they must be completed before dawn and if they are day missions, they must be done before dusk. When waiting for a level to load, you'll often get helpful tips on how to move around in the world

-There are various areas to explore in the game. They include:
-The Barnyard
-The Beady Farm
-Dandelion Meadow
-The Vegetable Patch
-Dankweed Pond
-Gopher Hill
-Walnut Woods
-Izzy Springs Golf Course
-Grizzly Gulch
-The Junkyard

-Along the way, you might be asked, as part of a mission, to obtain items for an invention or because an animal asked you to. For completing each mission, you will either get a Gold Rush Token or gold coins. The Gold Rush Tokens can be used at special tree stumps that have a gold glow around them if you have a Token. But if you don't have any, they will be tree stumps with coin slots on top. You can also use these gold coins to buy stuff for the Night Barn, ranging from food items, to new bikes, to things for the Night Barn, such as games, furniture, items for the bar, stage and entertainment equipment, etc. You can also pick flowers, stomp grain bags for flour, use milk cans to get butter, milk, cream, stomp crates to get chocolate, stomp ice buckets for ice, stomp apple trees to get apples, use a metal detector to find coins and metal cans, etc.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Attack of the Twonkies

This is another game in the Jimmy Neutron series
-After visiting a comet called Twonkus-3, Jimmy unknowingly brings back an inhabitant of that comet who, when exposed to good music, will turn into ferocious monsters

-In each level, you must pick up batteries to power your inventions and to obtain health, pick up glowing yellow bags of snacks with a red halo around it. Your inventions are all powered by batteries and thus will not work when your battery energy is low
-In each level, you pick up items that will make up both minor and major inventions. The major inventions help you defeat the boss of that level, while the more minor inventions are more just for fun and help you overcome obstacles, defeat monsters, solve puzzles, etc.
-There are various levels in here. Some are big, while others are nothing more than a few missions here and there. Each level also has objectives to accomplish. Some levels also have a boss to defeat, the farther into the game, the harder the boss

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet Fusion

If you are familiar with the cartoon The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, then you'll understand this game. IDK why playing games for kids are more fun than playing games rated for teens and up. I swear I have more games rated "E for Everyone" than games rated "T for Teen" or "M for Mature".
-Jimmy has to write a book report for his class. Rather than do the assignment the old fashioned way, he's rather use his vast intelligence and invent a machine called the Virtual World Reproduction Machine, that turns the book into a virtual movie. As usual, the invention goes haywire, turning the city he lives in, Retroville, into the book. The archvillain of the book, Professor Calamitous, captures the titular spy, Jet Fusion. It's up to Jimmy to rescue Jet Fusion and return Retroville to it's former glory

-In each level, you get pieces that will make up minor and major inventions. The minor inventions help you defeat enemies and defeat various obstacles in your path while the major inventions help you defeat the boss of the level. There are also additional things you can pick up. If you see something that looks like a movie reel, pick it up; it's a bonus. If you collect enough of them, you can unlock special movie clips in the bonus menu of the game. If you see what look like white pillows with a purple glow around them, pick those up as well. Those are white candies, those are also valuable. For each white candy you pick up, you unlock one picture in the Gallery. To unlock the Bio Cards, pick up all 100 Movie Reels and to unlock the Outtakes, pick up all 60 Navchips

-There are 5 very large areas in the game to explore, each having their own smaller areas to explore and a boss level at the end of the final area.
Lindbergh School
The Asian Village
-The Mystic Village
-The Ultra Lord Dojo
The Lost Jungle
-The Volcano of Doom
-The Crater of Fire
The Buccaneers' Den
-The Dark Deep
-The Leviathan Throne
The Communications Stations
-The Downhill Express
-Calamitous' Lair

-Each boss that you must fight is someone that Jimmy knows. The first boss you fight is The Ultra Ninja Lord, who happens to be Jimmy's Ultra-Lord obsessed friend Sheen. The second boss you fight is The Goddess of Fire, who happens to be Jimmy's teacher, Miss Fowl. The third boss you fight is The Leviathan Queen, who happens to be Jimmy's classmate Cindy and her dog Humphrey. The fourth boss is the Calamibot, a bright red robot suit that Professor Calamitous can operate

April Birthdays

Since it's April, time to say Happy Birthday

-Birth name: Edward Regan Murphy
-DOB: 4/3/1961
-Where: Brooklyn, New York
-He's known for his unlimited energy, goofy laugh
-Birth name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
-DOB: 4/15/1990
-Where: Paris, France
-She was the youngest person, aged 15, to appear on the front of Teen Vogue
-Birth name: Li Lian Jie
-DOB: 4/26/1963
-Where: Beijing, China
-When he was 11, he won a Chinese martial arts championship and was rewarded with a trip to the United States
-Birth name: Jamie St. John Bamber Griffith
-DOB: 4/3/1973
-Where: Hammersmith, London, England
-In 2009, he did a shirtless photo for PETA ads promoting the motto "Bare skin, not bear skin", bringing awareness to the fact that the hats worn by the Queen's Guard are made with Canadian black bear skin
-Birth name: Paul Gerald Greenhalgh
-DOB: 4/12/1979
-Where: Bolton, Lancashire, England
-His mother was a psychiatric nurse and his father was a roofer
-Birth name: Peter Malcolm Gordon Moffett
-DOB: 4/13/1951
-Where: Streatham, London, England
-Known for being the youngest actor to play Doctor Who