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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet Fusion

If you are familiar with the cartoon The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, then you'll understand this game. IDK why playing games for kids are more fun than playing games rated for teens and up. I swear I have more games rated "E for Everyone" than games rated "T for Teen" or "M for Mature".
-Jimmy has to write a book report for his class. Rather than do the assignment the old fashioned way, he's rather use his vast intelligence and invent a machine called the Virtual World Reproduction Machine, that turns the book into a virtual movie. As usual, the invention goes haywire, turning the city he lives in, Retroville, into the book. The archvillain of the book, Professor Calamitous, captures the titular spy, Jet Fusion. It's up to Jimmy to rescue Jet Fusion and return Retroville to it's former glory

-In each level, you get pieces that will make up minor and major inventions. The minor inventions help you defeat enemies and defeat various obstacles in your path while the major inventions help you defeat the boss of the level. There are also additional things you can pick up. If you see something that looks like a movie reel, pick it up; it's a bonus. If you collect enough of them, you can unlock special movie clips in the bonus menu of the game. If you see what look like white pillows with a purple glow around them, pick those up as well. Those are white candies, those are also valuable. For each white candy you pick up, you unlock one picture in the Gallery. To unlock the Bio Cards, pick up all 100 Movie Reels and to unlock the Outtakes, pick up all 60 Navchips

-There are 5 very large areas in the game to explore, each having their own smaller areas to explore and a boss level at the end of the final area.
Lindbergh School
The Asian Village
-The Mystic Village
-The Ultra Lord Dojo
The Lost Jungle
-The Volcano of Doom
-The Crater of Fire
The Buccaneers' Den
-The Dark Deep
-The Leviathan Throne
The Communications Stations
-The Downhill Express
-Calamitous' Lair

-Each boss that you must fight is someone that Jimmy knows. The first boss you fight is The Ultra Ninja Lord, who happens to be Jimmy's Ultra-Lord obsessed friend Sheen. The second boss you fight is The Goddess of Fire, who happens to be Jimmy's teacher, Miss Fowl. The third boss you fight is The Leviathan Queen, who happens to be Jimmy's classmate Cindy and her dog Humphrey. The fourth boss is the Calamibot, a bright red robot suit that Professor Calamitous can operate

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  1. Hey! This will be knowledgeable for my kids. They are about to finish all the series by Andy Yeatman and soon they are going to ask for more such series. I must add this to the watch list and will also try to search more of his shows online.