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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Barnyard (video game)

This is another game for kids that is just too cute!! And if you've seen the popular movie of the same name, then you'll be familiar with some of the characters in this game, like Ben the Cow, Duke the Dog, Pig the Pig, Otis the Cow, Hannah the Hen and Freddie the Ferret, Miles the Donkey, Root the Rooster among others
-You play as a cow that must help out the animals of the farm. The game does follow the storyline of the movie to an extent but still follows its own path. Some of the characters die and new ones are introduced.

-There are various little mini-games within this game that you can play. Most of these games start off as part of a mission, but after completing said mission, they become available for free play afterwards. Some of the mini games you can play include:
-Tease the Mailman
-Tease Mrs. Beady
-Mud Jumpers
-Vegetable Patch Defender
-Cow Tipping
-Honey Collecting
-Whack a Mole
-And many other fun games

-You will have to complete various missions along the way for other animals. Some missions involve playing games, some missions involve going on a scavenger hunt to obtain certain items, other missions involve simply helping out another animal. In terms of the missions, keep this in mind: if they are night missions, they must be completed before dawn and if they are day missions, they must be done before dusk. When waiting for a level to load, you'll often get helpful tips on how to move around in the world

-There are various areas to explore in the game. They include:
-The Barnyard
-The Beady Farm
-Dandelion Meadow
-The Vegetable Patch
-Dankweed Pond
-Gopher Hill
-Walnut Woods
-Izzy Springs Golf Course
-Grizzly Gulch
-The Junkyard

-Along the way, you might be asked, as part of a mission, to obtain items for an invention or because an animal asked you to. For completing each mission, you will either get a Gold Rush Token or gold coins. The Gold Rush Tokens can be used at special tree stumps that have a gold glow around them if you have a Token. But if you don't have any, they will be tree stumps with coin slots on top. You can also use these gold coins to buy stuff for the Night Barn, ranging from food items, to new bikes, to things for the Night Barn, such as games, furniture, items for the bar, stage and entertainment equipment, etc. You can also pick flowers, stomp grain bags for flour, use milk cans to get butter, milk, cream, stomp crates to get chocolate, stomp ice buckets for ice, stomp apple trees to get apples, use a metal detector to find coins and metal cans, etc.

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