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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Attack of the Twonkies

This is another game in the Jimmy Neutron series
-After visiting a comet called Twonkus-3, Jimmy unknowingly brings back an inhabitant of that comet who, when exposed to good music, will turn into ferocious monsters

-In each level, you must pick up batteries to power your inventions and to obtain health, pick up glowing yellow bags of snacks with a red halo around it. Your inventions are all powered by batteries and thus will not work when your battery energy is low
-In each level, you pick up items that will make up both minor and major inventions. The major inventions help you defeat the boss of that level, while the more minor inventions are more just for fun and help you overcome obstacles, defeat monsters, solve puzzles, etc.
-There are various levels in here. Some are big, while others are nothing more than a few missions here and there. Each level also has objectives to accomplish. Some levels also have a boss to defeat, the farther into the game, the harder the boss

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