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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Italian Rockstars

You know how there's rockstars of the Jewish faith or descent, like, most famously, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS? Well, there's also rockstars out there of Italian descent. Here are some of them

Steven Tyler
-Real name: Steven Victor Tallarico, named after his dad
-Lead singer of Aerosmith
Joe Perry
-Real name: Anthony Joseph Perreira
-Lead guitarist of Aerosmith
Trey Anastasio
-Real name: Ernest Giuseppe Anastasio III
-Lead singer of Phish
Peter Criss
-Real name: Peter George John Criscoula
-Original drummer for Kiss, known as the "Cat Man"
Eric Carr
-Real name: Paul Charles Caravell
-Former drummer for Kiss
Glenn Danzig
-Real name: Glenn Anzalone
-Former singer/founder of The Misfits
Gary Cherone
-Real name: Gary Francis Caine Cherone
-Former member of Extreme and Van Halen
Ronnie James Dio
-Real name: Ronald James Padavona
-Formerly of Dio and Black Sabbath
-It's so sad he's gone. He looks like such a sweetheart
Richie Sambora
-Real name: Richard Stephen Sambora
-Guitarist for Bon Jovi
Nikki Sixx
-Real name: Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna
-Guitarist with Motley Crue
Bruce Springsteen
-Real name: Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen
-Guitarist with the E-Street Band; Italian on his mother's side, whose name was Zerilli
Steve Vai
-Real name: Steven Siro Vai
-Guitar legend
Stevie Van Zandt
-Real name: Steven Lento
-Guitarist with the E-Street Band
Mark Tremonti
-Real name: Mark Thomas Tremonti
-Lead guitarist for Creed and Alter Bridge
Jon Bon Jovi
-Real name: John Francis BonGiovi Jr.
-Lead singer and founder of rock band Bon Jovi
Tony Iommi
-Real name: Anthony Frank Iommi
-Lead guitarist and founding member of Black Sabbath. His parents, Anthony Frank and Sylvia Maria (nee Velenti) were vineyard owners in Italy
Gwen Stefani
-Real name: Gwen Renee Stefani
-Founder of the rock and ska band No Doubt

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