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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Never Too Young to Die

I'm doing a post on this because I think it's funny to see Gene Simmons dressed as a woman, lmao!!!

Never Too Young to Die
-Drew Stargrove is a secret agent who was murdered by a character named Von Ragar. This movie, similar to most James Bond movies, involves the agent's son, Lance, thrust into the world of spies, when he seeks payback for his father's murder

[snickering] [trying not to laugh] He's dressed as a girl [more snickering. lol]

-John Stamos: Lance Stargrove
-Vanity: Danja Deering
-Gene Simmons: Carruthers/Velvet Von Ragner
-George Lazenby: Drew Stargrove
-Peter Kwong: Cliff
-Ed Brock: Pyramid
-John Anderson: Arliss

Did You Know?
-The costume Gene Simmons wears for the nightclub act is the same one that Lynda Carter wore for her TV special Encore in 1980, where she tried to look like a member of KISS, while singing "I Was Made for Loving You"

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