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Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Birthdays

Since it's August, time to give a big, huge Happy Birthday wish to the following people

Joe Elliott
-Birth name: Joseph Thomas Elliott
-DOB: 8/1/1959  Going to be: 53
-Where: Sheffield, England
-Lead singer of Def Leppard and very cute :D
Carroll O'Connor
-Birth name: John Carroll O'Connor
-DOB: 8/2/1924
-Where: Manhattan, New York Was Going to be: 88
-DOD: 6/21/2001, heart attack from diabetes complications
-Where: Culver City, California
-Best known for playing bigot Archie Bunker on All in the Family
Isaiah Washington
-DOB: 8/3/1963 Going to be: 50
-Where: Houston, Texas
-His mother was the first black woman to become a licensed barber in Texas
Daniel Dae Kim
-DOB: 8/4/1968
-Where: Pusan, South Korea
-Going to be: 45
-Attended the same high school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as Dwayne Johnson
James Jagger
-Birth name: James Leroy Augustin Jagger
-DOB: 8/28/1985 Going to be: 28
-Where: New York City, New York
-Was high school classmates with Robert Pattinson
He's very attractive
Michelle Yeoh
-Birth name: Yeoh Chu-Kheng
-DOB: 8/6/1962
-Where: Ipoh, Malaysia
-Going to be: 50
-One of the only female stars Jackie Chan lets do her own stunts
Dustin Hoffman
-Birth name: Dustin Lee Hoffman
-DOB: 8/8/1937
-Where: Los Angeles, California
-Going to be: 76
-Was considered for the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather (1972)
Dave Evans (The Edge)
-Birth name: David Howell Evans
-DOB: 8/8/1961
-Where: Barking, Essex, England
-Going to be: 52
-Supports the Leeds United football team
Scott Stapp
-Birth name: Anthony Scott Flippen
-DOB: 8/8/1973 Going to be: 40
-Where: Orlando, Florida
-Lead singer for the band Creed
Rikki Rockett
-Birth name: Richard Alan Ream
-DOB: 8/8/1961
-Going to be: 52
-Where: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
-Drummer for Poison
Hoda Kotb
-DOB: 8/9/1964
-Where: Norman, Oklahoma
-Going to be: 49
-Is of Egyptian descent
Antonio Banderas
-Birth name: Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas
-DOB: 8/10/1960 Going to be: 53
-Where: Malaga, Spain
-Had to learn English phonetically
-And this guy is the one guy with an accent who makes my sister melt!
Viola Davis
-DOB: 8/11/1965
-Where: Saint Matthews, South Carolina
-Going to be: 48
-Her mother Alice was a maid, homemaker and factory worker
Alex Haley
-Birth name: Alexander Murray Palmer Haley
-DOB: 8/11/1921
-Where: Ithaca, New York
-DOD: 2/10/1992, aged 70
-Where: Seattle, Washington, cardiac arrest following heart attack
-Going to be: 93
-When researching his family in Africa, he was taken to a village one of his ancestors had come from. They were chanting something he did not understand. When told of the translation, it said "A son of the village has returned"
Halle Berry
-Birth name: Halle Maria Berry
-DOB: 8/14/1966
-Where: Cleveland, Ohio
-Going to be: 47
-Is type 1 diabetic
Robert De Niro
-Birth name: Robert Anthony De Niro, Jr.
-DOB: 8/17/1943 Going to be: 70
-Where: New York City, New York
-For his role as Vito Corleone in The Godfather: Part II, he went to Sicily to learn how to speak with a Sicilian dialect
Patrick Swayze
-Birth name: Patrick Wayne Swayze
-DOB: 8/14/1952
-Where: Houston, Texas
-DOD: 9/14/2009
-Where: Los Angeles, California, pancreatic cancer
-Going to be: 61
-In the movie Dirty Dancing, he sang the song "She's Like the Wind"
Rick Springfield
-Birth name: Richard Lewis Springthorpe
-DOB: 8/23/1949
-Where: Sydney, Australia
-Going to be: 64
-Was romantically linked with Linda Blair in the 1970s
Sean Connery
-Birth name: Thomas Sean Connery
-DOB: 8/25/1930
-Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
-Going to be: 83
-Has two small tattoos on his right arm. One of 'Scotland Forever' and the other of 'Mum and Dad'. He got them at age 16, when he enlisted in the Royal Navy
Gene Simmons
-Birth name: Chaim Weitz
-DOB: 8/25/1949
-Where: Tirat Carmel, Israel
-Going to be: 64
-Prior to forming Kiss, he was an elementary school teacher in Spanish Harlem
Andrew Garfield
-Birth name: Andrew Russell Garfield
-DOB: 8/20/1983
-Where: Los Angeles, California
-Going to be: 30
-Moved to England when he was 3; was raised by an American father and British mother
-Not sure why, he's kinda cute!

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