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Monday, August 19, 2013

Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City
-Four guys in a local high school band called Mystery will do anything necessary to see the band that inspired them to be musicians in Detroit 1978, including dealing with an anti-rock mom

-Giuseppe Andrews: Lex
-James DeBello: Trip
-Edward Furlong: Hawk
-Sam Huntington: Jam
-Lin Shaye: Mrs. Bruce
-Melanie Lynskey: Beth
-Natasha Lyonne: Christine
-Shannon Tweed: Amanda Finch
-Emmanuelle Chriqui: Barbara
-Nick Scotti: Kenny
-Peter Criss: KISS
-Gene Simmons: KISS
-Paul Stanley: KISS
-Ace Frehley: KISS

Did You Know?
-Kiss re-enacted a 70s era concert, despite being 1992. This was during the band's Revenge tour


1992 Revenge era

-Two of the girls in the movie are named Beth and Christine. This is a reference to the KISS songs "Beth" and "Christine Sixteen"
-Each of the members of Mystery closely mirror the members of Kiss. Hawk is Paul Stanley, and gets the girl. Jam is Peter Criss, and gets Beth (his best known song), Trip is Ace Frehley, and gets the alien spacey girl, Lex is Gene Simmons, and gets Christine (named after a song he sings)




-The first mother protesting the KISS concert, the mother with brown curly hair and glasses, is Pamela Bowen, who, at the time, was the wife of rhythm guitarist and KISS member Paul Stanley. They divorced in 2001
-The woman, Amanda Finch, who picks up Hawk at the nightclub, is played by Shannon Tweed, the partner and later to be wife of KISS bassist Gene Simmons

-While driving on the highway, Christine makes a comment about there being a KISS disco song. The guys laugh it off, but the year after the movie was supposed to take place, KISS in fact did release a disco song, "I Was Made For Loving You" in which Paul Stanley sang lead vocals

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