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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Peter Steele

Am I the only one who thinks Peter Steele looks a little similar to Blaze Bayley?

Also, he just sounded like a very fascinating person to do a post on!!
Birth name: Petrus T. Ratajczyk
DOB: 1/4/1962
Where: Brooklyn, New York
DOD: 4/14/2010
Where: New York City, New York (heart failure)
Height: 6'7''

-His baritone vocals
-Long black hair
-His towering height
-His lyrics which reflect his personal life

Cool facts
-He was the lead singer/bassist for New York-based goth metal band Type O Negative
-Three songs he wrote, "Todd's Ship Gods (Above All Things)", "Life is Killing Me" and "The Dream is Dead" are all about his father
-His mother is referenced in the song "Nettie"
-Prior to forming Type O Negative, he worked for the New York Sanitation Department
-He posed for the August 1995 issue of Playgirl
If anyone who reads this is female and a Type O Negative fan, I'm sure this will brighten your day!
-He has Polish, Icelandic and Russian in his heritage
-The last interview he did before he died was featured in the documentary American Nightmare
-Before he died, he was set to produce an album by Myke Hideous
-He suffered from bipolar disorder
-He was very self-conscious about his 6'7'' height and when photo shoots of the band were done, he was usually sitting down or taken from an angle where when people looked at it, they couldn't really tell how tall he was, towering over his bandmates

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