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Friday, October 12, 2012

Wives of Rock

Time to see who the lucky ladies are who were or are currently wives of rock legends!!

Suzette Snider
-Married to: Dee Snider of Twisted Sister

Shannon Tweed
-Married to: Gene Simmons of Kiss

-Married to: David Bowie

Barbara Bach
-Married to: Ringo Starr of The Beatles

Patti Hansen
-Married to: Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones

Perla Ferrar
-Married to: Slash of Guns N Roses

Penny Lancaster-Stewart
-Married to: Rod "The Mod" Stewart

Ali Hewson
-Married to: Bono of U2

Sheryl Goddard
-Married to: Alice Cooper

Marjorie Bach
-Married to: Joe Walsh of The Eagles

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