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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things You Never Knew Existed

Another magazine I love!!!

Like the title suggests, here you can get things you never knew existed. From the weird to wacky, fun to fabulous, anything you want. They also deal in retro too. So if retro/vintage is on your mind, you have yet another option: HERE!

Useful Things
As Seen on TV
My mom has this, lol!

Dreamlight Projector Clock

Safety & Security. They got ya covered on all your security needs, so you can sleep well at night!
4-in-1 Sensor Alarm. Says the word GAS if high levels of C02 are detected or if natural gas is leaking. This is a perfect idea
911 Emergency Light Switch. Just flip this on and your porch light will look like an ambulance light. Perfect for newbie EMT's who can't find the emergency
BACKTRACK Breathalyzer. This lil wonder will be your new best friend after a night of drinking
Talking Dummy Security Camera. When an intruder is detected, it starts moving back and forth, with a male voice telling them they are being watched and to leave immediately. Definitely good if you're single and living alone, especially with all the whack jobs out there

Roll up seat warmer. Perfect for those chilly outdoor football games
Talking Beavis & Butthead mug
Too funny
Bug vacuum. Get those mountain-sized creepy crawlies, bees, wasps, and more with out getting bitten, stung
Rainbow shower head. It's been said that colors can affect mood. So use this to turn your shower into your own private oasis
Car Things
Bullet hole decals. Make it look like you've been shot at. Although I once saw a car down south in Kentucky with REAL bullet holes in it
Tools & Gadgets
Anteater bug vaccum. Feed this cute lil guy his daily diet of bugs and release them back into the wild
Multi color rotating party light.

Funny Bud ear buds
Pizza Buzzsaw cutter. This ordinary, everyday pizza cutter is designed to look like a high energy buzzsaw
Rechargable Air Horn

Things to Collect
Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper MKII

Sons of Anarchy t-shirt

Military Stuff
Armed Forces singing bears. Army bear sings "The Army Goes Rolling Along", Navy Bear sings "Anchors Aweigh" Air Force bear sings "Wild Blue Yonder" Marines bear sings "Halls of Montezuma"

Honor the fallen brothers in arms with this t-shirt. Very respectful
Die Cast Stuff
Subway car die cast
Sports Stuff
Spy vs. Spy bobbleheads
The Big Bang Theory bobbleheads
Jeff Dunham bobbleheads. Achmed says things like "Good evening, infidel". Peanut says things like " Man, you're quick. It's like... you know". And Walter says things like "Aw, shut the hell up"

99 Cent Stuff
Fart powder
LED motion signs
Electroplasma lava lamp. Touch it with your fingers and watch the lightning arcs "shock" your fingers

Farting Stuff
Fart machine
Toys & Games
R/C Garbage truck. I'd buy this for fun!!!

R/C Tank. Oooh! This one too!!
Beacon light USB
Soft Kitty stuffed animal
Electronic Telemarketer Repellant. Just press any one of the buttons for hours and hours of laughs and excuses for ditching those unwanted telemarketers on the phone

Mafia bear. Sings "Bad Boys"

See if you know even the slightest details about your favorite foods

Make life easier and funnier with this WTF button



Adults Only
Stuff to Wear


There's 21 pages of t-shirts and things on humor




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