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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rock Stars... ARRESTED!

Here are some of your favorite musicians who have been arrested!

Ozzy Osbourne
-Arrested in Texas for public intoxication in 1982
-Black Sabbath

Tommy Lee
-Arrested in 1999 for allegedly instigating a riot
-Motley Crue

Mick Jagger
-Arrested in 1967 for possession of drug paraphernalia
-The Stones

Jim Morrison
-Arrested in Miami in 1969 for revealing his private parts to a concert crowd
-The Doors

Glenn Frey
-Eagles member, arrested in 1973 for drug possession and public intoxication
-The Eagles

Keith Richards
-Arrested in 1972 for fighting with a photographer in Rhode Island
-The Stones

Steven Tyler
-Arrested in 1967 for marijuana possession at age 18

David Crosby
-Arrested in 1982 for cocaine possession
-Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Jimi Hendrix
-Arrested in 1969 for possession of heroin

Richie Sambora
-Arrested in 2008 for driving drunk in Los Angeles
-Bon Jovi
Vinnie Vincent
-Arrested in 2011 for domestic assault
If you think this is a woman, guess again. For any Kiss fans out there, this is none other than Vinnie Vincent!! Hard to believe, huh?

This is what Vinnie Vincent looked like before

David Bowie
-Arrested in 1976 for marijuana possession

Sid Vicious
-Arrested in 1978 after allegedly murdering his girlfriend Nancy Spungen
-The Sex Pistols

Jack White
-Arrested in 2003 for aggravated assault
-The White Stripes

Billie Joe Armstrong
-Green Day
-Arrested for DUI charges in 2003

Marilyn Manson
-Arrested in July 2001 for criminal sexual conduct
Vince Neil
-Arrested in July 2010 for DUI
At least his mugshot is cute....
Nikki Sixx
-Motley Crue
-Arrested in 1999 for provoking a breach of peace at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

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