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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who Makes You Laugh?

Continuation of a tag post

Here are some of the people who make me laugh.

Richard Pryor. He may have cussed alot, but he was raised by his grandma in a house of prostitution. I can't blame the poor guy.
Gabriel Iglesias. He mixes Spanish with English and does real life sound effects, that just makes his stand up acts that much funnier
Bill Cosby. He talks about stuff that has actually happened to him in a way that it's funny and then you realize that something he said may have actually happened to someone else
Jeff Dunham. He does ventriloquism, you know, using puppets. My favorite puppets of his are Walter, a grumpy old man, Peanut, a crazy monkey-like creature with bright green hair, one red sneaker and a caffeinated personality, and Achmed th Dead Terrorist, a suicide bomber skeleton made from a Halloween decoration

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

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