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Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 Things You Did Not Know About...

Charlie Watts
For any Stones fan out there, you think you know Charlie Watts? Well, here's some interesting tidbits about him that you may or may not have known
-Was a graphic designer before joining the Stones
-Worked in Denmark and then at British graphic design agency Charles, Hobson and Grey

-Played in a group called Blues Incorporated
-Led by a half-Austrian, half-Greek fellow named Alexis Korner

-Has been married to the same woman since 1964
-Has been married to an art student named Shirley Ann Shepherd since 1964. They have one daughter, Seraphina. And he had trouble sleeping in hotel rooms if she was not there

-On every tour, he sketches the hotel room
-He says it's a habit of his

-Even though he does rock for a living, his true passion is big band and jazz
-Has a big band outside the Stones called Rocket 88

-During the mid 1980s, he battled with drugs and alcohol
-He went off the drugs and booze after falling down a flight of stairs and fracturing his ankle

-After Bill Wyman left, he chose the new bass player
-He singlehandedly chose Darryl Jones

-He and wife Shirley own a farm and breed horses
-They own a farm in Devonshire, England and breed Arabian horses

-Battled throat cancer in 2004
-He quit smoking when he gave up drugs and alcohol in the 1980s and has underwent chemo and the cancer is now in remission

-He punched Mick Jagger for calling him "my drummer"
-Keith Richards told Esquire Magazine about the incident. While in Amsterdam, Mick Jagger managed to push the relatively docile Charlie Watts to the breaking point. Jagger, who was seriously drunk, called up Watts and said "Is my drummer there?" Charlie dressed up real nice and went down to Jagger's hotel room and told him "Don't ever call me your drummer" and coldcocked him in the face

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