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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Simpsons Hit & Run

One of my favorite video games EVER!!!!!

Simpsons Hit & Run
-Action/adventure game based on the cartoon The Simpsons
-Follows the Simpson family and the denizens of Springfield. When several of the citizens take matters into their own hands following strange occurrences, they discover that 2 alien life forms called Kang and Kodos are filming an intergalactic reality TV show about the people.
-To make things more strange, they are turning the town water supply into a new version of the popuar soft drink Buzz Cola, which makes anyone who drinks it insanely mad.

-Has 7 levels
-Each level has 3 races which, if won, will unlock a brand new car
-Each level has the player playing as a certain member of the Simpson family, with unique missions and unlockables. They also have a certain type of music associated with each character. Homer: hears mainly tuba sounds being played. Bart: punk rock and rock music. Lisa: smooth jazz with sax. Marge: Easy listening. Apu: Bollywood music. Homer level 7: Halloween music and sounds

-The playable characters include Homer Simpson(played twice, level 1 and level 7), Bart Simpson(played twice, level 2 and level 6), Lisa Simpson(played once, level 3), Marge Simpson(level 4) and Apu Nahasapeemapetilon(level 5)

-When on foot, the player can run, jump, walk and perform attacks. a normal kick, a jumping kick and a smashing move
-When you want to drive, all you must do is approach a vehicle and hit the action button to commandeer a vehicle

-And if your car is gone or destroyed or you need a certain vehicle for a certain mission, go to a phone booth to call one

-And for fun, the player can kick pedestrians, blow up vehicles, destroy the environment, but most of these are called "gags"

-But the more you do bad stuff, the higher the round meter on the screen fills and if it fills all the way, the police will chase you
-Each level has boxes full of coins the character can collect, in addition to bee-like security cameras. And also, each level has a character named Gil who sells 2 cars and each level has 3 costumes the character can wear.

-Mysterious things are happening in Springfield. An invasion of robot bees descend upon the city at the start of the game. After a tractor beam takes Bart outside the Springfiled Stadium, Lisa plays Nancy Drew and tries to find him. She learns that suspicious black sedans have been seen all over town and that they are connected to Bart's disappearance.

-She eventually finds Bart on the freighter the C-Spanker and finds that he has memory loss. He mumbles that "Buzz Cola" and "black sedans" are involved. Marge then sets out to help her "sweet baby boy". She discovers that a crop circle has been mad near the power plant, near the home of a local redneck named Cletus. She then talks to Grampa Simpson and he describes the logo for the Buzz Cola can. She gives Bart a can and it brings him out of his daze. He says that the soda is a mind-control soad made by the aliens to control the denizens of Springfield.
-Inspired by Marge's hard work, Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu decides to get in on it. His first task: talk to jailbird Snake, who mentions that the cola trucks are registed to the Springfield Museum of Natural History. Apu and Bart go there and find a meteor as the source of the cola. They eavesdrop on Kang and Kodos, who are discussing the ratings of their reality show Foolish Earthlings. They ar eusing the cola to make the citizens of Springfield crazy. And to raise the ratings, they will distribute laser guns at the Squidport Tourist Area, so that the people will create a mass bloody massacre

-It's up to Bart to stop the aliens. He asks his idol, Krusty the Klown, for help. But Krusty informs Bart that he has already helped the Duff Brewery set up free laser gun stands around Springfield. Bart goes to Homer, his dad, and asks for help, and the tow quickly chase Kang and Kodos to the brewery. They get there just as the aliens escape and give a warning about raising the dead.
-When the cola leaks into the ground, the dead will rise. Zombies invade Springfield. When Homer is out collecting supplies to protect his family from the mind-eating zombies, he decides to chase a black sports sedan, which he thinks belongs to the aliens. He chases it to the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. The car, however, belongs to Professor Frink, who has found the aliens' weakness. He plans on using the alien ship' tractor beam to suck up nuclear waste. He wants to have cars drive into the tractor beam with nuclear waste on it. Once the waste enters the ship, it explodes. And Springfield is back to normal

-Creqators wanted a complete overhaul for this game. They enhanced it so that the player would have to physically get out of the car to explore on foot to give a better experience of Springfield
-Also, they added a strong sense of exploration in here. It means you can run around and explore new things
-You're also able to enter some places, and in these places, you can buy costumes, interact with gags, etc. These places include: in level 1, Springfield Elementary School, Kwik-E-Mart. In level 2, Moe's Tavern, The DMV. In level 3, The Android's Dungeon and Baseba;; Card Shop, the Observatory. In level 4, Springfield Elementary School, Kwik-E-Mart. Level 5, Moe's Tavern, DMV. Level 6, Android's Dungeon and Observatory. Level 7, Springfield Elementary and Kwik-E-Mart
-All the voices of all the Simpsons characters were provided by the real cast who do the voices

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