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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Gotta Love Family Sometimes...

Recently, my sister says she has this list of "fantasy" husbands. Oh brother!! She siad that if she could marry any one of these guys, she'd die happy. Here is her list of "fantasy" husbands.

Athlete husband: Derek Jeter, shortstop for New York Yankees

Olympian husband: Apolo Ohno, speedskater

Rock musician husband: Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day

Country music husband: Kenny Chesney

Doctor husband: my mom's doctor, Dr. Metzger. She has a crush on him
Latin husband: either one of 2 guys she met in Mexico, Yves or Alejandro
Actor: Johnny Depp

Now, here are mine. I really don't have that many. What really sucks is that some of these guys are married!! Oh well, I'll put some to see what comes to mind...
*= married

Actor: tough choice.
Paul Nicholls*

What are they putting in the water in England to make sexy guys???

Daniel Radcliffe

He's handsome here

Hugh Jackman

Musician: If he were my age, Sting from the Police. Yeah, I think he's still pretty sexy!!!

Athlete: None, really
Country music: Tim McGraw*

Cute Asian: Will Yun Lee
Italian: Michael Imperioli*. If he were my age!!!
What is it with Italian guys and blonde women?

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