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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The One

The One
-There is not just one world out there. There are many universes, making it a Multiverse. And when you die, the human spirit and powers are divided up among the other "versions" of you in other dimensions. When a criminal named Yulaw found a loophole in this theory, he decided to kill his other selves in the other dimensions to become "The One". His newest target is an LAPD officer who lives with his girlfriend Massie Walsh. So now agents called Multiverse agents are after Yulaw after he escaped prison. They are not the only ones after him. When he commits a murder and pins it on Gabe, the LAPD are on the chase. The MVA agents must make sure that Gabe does not become a Super Survivor

-Jet Li: Gabe Law/Gabriel Yulaw/Lawless
-Carla Gugino: T.K. Law/Massie Walsh
-Delroy Lindo: MVA Agent Harry Roedecker
-Jason Statham: MVA Agent Evan Funsch
-James Morrison: LAPD Officer Bobby Aldrich

Did You Know?
-Dwayne Johnson was originally supposed to play the role Jet Li has, but left to work on The Mummy Returns
-The scenes where Jet Li looks like he is fighting himself was used by using a stuntman of similar build as him. The stuntman wore a green mask so that Li's face could be added digitally later

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