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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Best Band Logos

Which rock band do you think has the best logo? The Beatles? AC/DC? The Rolling Stones? Well, find out who some of the bands are that are considered to have the best logo

-Created by Bob Defrin
-Said to have an eye toward the heavens
-Gothic font was inspired by Gutenberg's Bible

-Created by Ray Tabano, short term member of Aerosmith
-First appeared on the Get Yor Wings album

The Beatles
-Made by a music retailer named Ivor Arbiter in 1963
-Called a 'drop T'

-Created by former Kiss member Ace Frehley
-His original plan was to make the "SS" look like lightning bolts, but unfortunately it bore a scary resemblance to the logo used by the Nazi SS
-Freddie Mercury created it
-Wanted to impose a sense of British royalty

The Rolling Stones
-This is the MOST widely known logo in the history of rock music. Young kids and everyone of every age knows who this represents
-Created in 1970 by a British graphic designer named John Pasche
-Originally was created to be an almost salute to Kali, the Hindu goddess of energy. But it was also created to look like Mick Jagger's enormous mouth
Van Halen
-First created in 1986 by Samy Hagar
-The wings on either side were replaced with rings to symbolize the change in leadership

The Who
-British artist Brian Pike created it
-The arrow on the 'o' is supposed to be the sign for male. And for the bullseye design, it's naturally the colors on the British flag

Led Zeppelin
-Designed by Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell in 1973
-Many people say the falling angel logo represent light, music, healing

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