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Monday, October 15, 2012

Shocking Album Covers

Some album art has created controversy over the years. Let's see which ones have. Some of these seem to be on here due to sexual content or full on nudity. There was one by John Lennon that I'm not adding mainly because it's disgusting. It was the cover for his album Two Virgins. It shows him with no clothes on, along with Yoko, who's doing her "Full Monty"

Alice Cooper
-Love It to death
-Caught some trouble because he was sticking his thumb out of his zipper on his pants

Jane's Addiction
-Nothing's Shocking
-Naked female conjoined twins

The Beatles
-Yesterday and Today
-The ever-famous "Butcher" cover. This caused controversy because of the baby dolls all chopped up and the Beatles wearing butcher coats

Lynyrd Skynyrd
-Street Survivors
-As if flames weren't bad enough for this cover, 3 days after this photo was released, members Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines, and several crew members died in a fiery plane crash en route to Baton Rouge for a concert. But a replacement cover was made, with a simple black backdrop almost mourning the losses.

David Bowie
-Diamond Dogs
-Belgian artist Guy Peelaert's work. The full version shows Bowie as a half man/half dog and might possibly even show male genitals

Jimi Hendrix
-Electric Ladyland
-Caused problems because it shows naked ladies

The Rolling Stones
-Sticky Fingers
-This caused alot of people to question just whose hips were those on the front of this iconic 1971 album. This led alot of people, especially girls and women, to wonder if those were Mick Jagger's hips in those skin tight black jeans. But in reality, it was Warhol groupie Joe Dallesandro

Black Sabbath
-Born Again
-Really turned heads when the album came out. It depicts a human baby with devil-like features

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