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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pop culture/news

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but does it seem like the media makes it out to seem that if you don't possess perfect boobs, a perfect bod, aren't tall, tan and gorgeous, that you're nothing? I do really hate this image that the media sends out. It's no wonder that so many young girls fall victim to eating disorders, like Anorexia nervosa or Bulimia nervosa. I mean, when girls get to be teens, they start worrying about their looks, they start worrying about attracting members of the opposite sex. But when they are constantly thinking "am I fat?" or " am I too ugly?", that's when they discover there's no room in their life for anyone else because they are convinced their not perfect.

That's when those eating disorders start setting in. I don't hope to sound like some raving moron airhead, but that's my opinion. I mean, in high school, so many girls are worried about peer pressure, rumors, bullying, it's sad! You got girls in high school pressuring girls and guys to have sexual intercourse at a young age, young girls dressing practically borderline prostitutes, teens getting pressured to try drugs/alcohol, it's sad! The media almost makes people grow up too fast. If people take a second to stop and notice, there are more teen moms coming out now than a few years ago. In fact, there were quite a few teen moms at my high school graduation. And I watch the news, and I hear about these moms out there leaving their kids in the car while they go in and rob places or leaving their kids in the car while they get their hair done and if it's hot out, the kids die of heat exhaustion. Did you hear about the mom who videotaped her kid smoking dope? I saw it on the news last night and I thought to myself, pardon my French, " What the h--- are you thinking, you stupid moron?" They showed her on the news and she was bawling! Yeah, she's crying only because she was caught!

That's one thing I don't like, it's when parents do bad things to their kids, I just don't like seeing bad things happening to good people. Another thing I don't like is when people are racist to one another, I may sound like some ranting person, but I feel my opinion needs to be heard. I'm growing quite tired of hearing about how people commit hate crimes and don't like people because of their skin color, race, gender, etc. It's not 1950's anymore! It's 2010! I recently visited some relatives in southern Kentucky, in a small town called Cynthiana, it's right outside of Falmouth. My uncle Justin, uncle Jeffrey, uncle Brud(Don't ask!), my aunt Lisa, my aunt Lois, aunt Robin all live down there! We went down there and I didn't think they would say anything because I had worn a t-shirt that said 'Italian fest, Newport, Ky' down there and the second they saw it, they started in on the insults. I'm sorry if I seem angry at this, it's just I was raised not to care about the color of skin or race. They started insulting Italians, Asians, Latinos, everybody, they didn't hold back on anyone. I just sat there, afraid to say anything, and my aunt Patty, don't even get me started!

You see, you have to realize that these relatives are pure country folks and that's supposedly their opinion. They had a radio playing out there and on the radio comes "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias, and I said I liked the song, they turned onto another station! How freakin ridiculous is that? Anymore, I hate going down there, I delightfully call it the 'Deliverance Family Reunion'. It may sound cruel, but they are my dad's family and I don't like them, I get so angry when they start badmouthing people. They start saying stuff like" Why do we have to learn how to speak Spanish? This is America, speak English!" Guess what I did? I didn't do anything bad, more funny than anything, I started speaking Spanish, but then my aunt gave me a dirty look and I had to sit there like I committed murder or something, most of the time when I visit them, my stupid aunt never shuts up! And P.S. If Mrs. Thomas is reading this, Hello, how are you today on this good day? Are you doing good? Are you having a good day?

And another thing: What is the big deal with this 'Jersey Shore' fad? All that show is about is a bunch of Italian teens growing up in Seaside Heights, NJ. If I'm going to watch anything out of Jersey, it'll be Cake Boss or The Sopranos. Either way, on either show, I have a favorite: on Cake Boss, my favorites are Joey, Buddy's brother, or Remy, his cousin. On The Sopranos, my 2 favorites are Silvio Dante, because the guy that plays him is Stevie Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen's guitarist, and Michael Imperioli, aka Christopher Moltisanti, his character. He's my favorite because he is cute! But sorry this blog is long, I just see alot of injustices in the world and feel they need to be known and see if anyone else out in this big world agrees.

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