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Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthdays: what a joy!

Why does it seem like as you get older, birthdays get less and less exciting? Does it seem like everyone else's birthday is better than mine and mine ends up being just another day?  When I was younger, I used to be so anxious for birthdays to come because I would bake stuff in the oven and take them in for my classmates, nowadays, it's like "Caitlin, it's your birthday" and I say "Yeah whatever", or "Wow, I didn't even notice, it felt like another day". I guess it's part of growing up, you lose that special magic when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. When I was younger, I used to get up early to see what 'Santa' brought me, and I would have to wait until my parents woke up, but 2 years ago at Christmas, I was actually sick for the first time on the holidays.
My mom was pestering me Christmas Eve because she thought we loved our aunt more than her and it's not true, and it got me so upset that I had an upset stomach because of it. You see, in my family, having divorced parents isn't always easy, because no matter what, my parents will always speak bad about each other behind their backs, and they drag me and my sis into the middle.
But it just seems that as you grow up, Christmas loses that special magic, it's become too commercialized, it's all about who can spend the most on gifts, who can get the most gifts, having the biggest and best decorations on the block, I hate it. Every year at Christmas, I see commercials for people buying their non-deserving loved ones Cadillacs for gifts, expensive iPods, expensive stereo systems, you name it. In fact, last Christmas was just fine with me, I didn't get alot, but I didn't want alot.
My parents and aunt says it's hard to buy for me because they don't know what I like and don't like. It's that way when it comes to birthdays/Christmas. So, if you know me, you know I like music, reading, arts and crafts, etc.

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