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The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Have you ever learned about something and then become totally fascinated by that thing? Well, that's how it goes for me. Ever since 7th grade history class, when we would learn about ancient China and Japan, and learn about their dynasties and everything, it kind of sparked an interest in those cultures for me. Ever since then, I have an avid interest in Chinese and Japanese history, the culture, just all the little customs and traditions of those 2 countries endlessly fascinate me to no end!

I don't know no if any one around here may show interest in this, but I just want to get this out to see if anyone shares an avid interest in history. My main goals for the future is to simply graduate, I am a simple person with simple aspirations, I don't want a lot, just to graduate, something simple and something accomplish able. One of the little goals I have is to learn how to speak Chinese, Japanese and Italian. The reason I wan to learn these languages is because I love to learn new languages, in high school I had to take a Spanish class to graduate and I enjoyed every second of the class. My fellow graduates did not seem to enjoy the class as much, they often said that Spanish class is 'gay'., they often said derogatory things about the teacher Mrs. Garcia de Burke. She is an awesome teacher. I treat her good like I do my family, every year, me and my little sister get her something on her birthday. You may think it's strange, but that's just the way I am, I care about eveyone. Well, I hope that they know that term could be considered a derogatory term for homosexual. Kids today, I swear!

But anyhow, I would love to learn these languages because I enjoy learning about other cultures that exist in our diverse world. And I'm actually quite good in Spanish, I often keep going back and forth between Spanish and English. P.S. for the ones who do not speak Spanish, Objetivos/Interesa means goals/ interests in Spanish. By the way, if Ms. Thomas is reading this-- Hola! How are you today? I just thought I'd include a good greeting! If this blog is long, lo siento or sorry in Spanish. You'll probably notice that I speak Spanish a lot in this blog, it's just a fun language to speak. As for any other little goals, I want to travel the world, some of the places I wan to visit people wonder why I want to see them, like China. I want to see China because of the interesting culture, the people are nice as long as you are nice to them, and it's an overall beautiful country. Plus 2 of my favorite actors are from the country, Jet Li and Chow Yun-fat. I want to see Japan because I've seen pictures of it and it's just a beautiful place, especially with Mt. Fuji, you look at it and it seems beautiful, I know people may find this unusual, but I'm an unusual person. I want to see Italy because it's so romantic. But I've heard people say that Italy is a 'high fraud' area because so many go there for honeymoons and whatever. I'll go with someone who knows their way around to be safe.

I do apologize if this blog is long, but I love to talk. I need to tell this one-- my sister went on her first date. Now if you know my sister, not too long ago, she was the kind of kid who read Spider-Man comics and hung action figures on small shelves on the wall, in fact she still has her Dare Devil action figure hanging on the wall. Now she is like Abby from NCIS, she dresses gothic/punk rock, with her Converse gymshoes, minskirts and Green Day shirts. Even though I'm an older sibling, I still think "Man, this kid used to like Spider-Man and all those comics and play with toys that were meant for boys when she was younger. Now she is dating and dressing different." It sounds like I'm thinking like a parent, but my dad thinks the same about me, he thinks" My oldest daughter is in college and my youngest daughter is dating! Talk about feeling old!" Hopefully, if I mention something, someone out there will connect to this and respond back. P.S. Mrs. Thomas, if you read this, Hello, how are you today? Are you doing good? Because I hope you are. I hope you're having a good day.

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