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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gran Torino

Gran Torino
-2008 American drama produced by and starring Clint Eastwood

-Walt Kowalski(Clint Eastwood) is a gruff retired Polish American Ford factory worker and Korean War vet. He's been recently widowerd after 50 years of marriage. His neighborhood near Detroit, in Highland Park, formerly dominated by working class white families, is now dominated by poor Asian immigrants, and gang violence is common. He keeps turning down a suggestion by one of his sons to move to a retirement community, and lives alone with his Labrador Retriever Daisy. Walt suffers from coughing fits and occasionally coughs up blood.

-The Hmong family, Vang Lor, lives next door to him and he initially wants nothing to do with them, especially after he catches the youngest son Thao trying to steal his 1972 Ford Gran Torino. He does this as initiation into a local gang of Hmong teens run by Thao's cousin. Walt confronts them with an M16 rifle and chases them off, earning the respect of the Hmong community. As a way of paying back, Thao's mom makes Thao do stuff for Walt, and the 2 eventually become friends, along with Thao's sister Sue. Walt helps Thao get to know a local popular Hmong girl named Youa, who Walt nicknames Yum Yum.

-The gang contines to pressure Thao and assault him on his way home from work. They do a drive-by shooting on the Vang Lor home, injuring Thao and they kidnap and rape Sue. The enxt day, Thao wants Walt to help seek revenge. Walt makes preparations, buying a fitted suit and confessing to Father Janovich, a young, inexperienced priest. When Thao comes, Walt takes him to the basement and shows him his Silver star which he gives to Thao. Then he locks Thao in the basement for his safety.

-Walt drives to the house of the gang members. When they see him, they draw their weapons. Walt talks loudly, drawing the attention of the neighbors and he puts a cigarette in his mouth and asks for a light. He then slowly puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out his hand in the position of a gun. The gangsters open fire on Walt, killing him. When he falls to the ground, it shows he is unarmed. Sue frees Thao and they drive to the crime scene in Walt's Torino. A Hmong officer tells them the gang will be arrested and imprisoned for the murder of Walt and willing witnesses

-Walt's funeral is attended by not only his family, but alsoby Thao, Sue and many of the Hmong community. He says that Walt called him "an overeducated 27 year old virgin that never knew the difference between life and death." Afterward, Walt's last will and testament is being read. His family think they will get everything and his granddaughter thinks she is getting his Torino, but it comes as a shock to all when his will says to leave the house to the church, the car to Thao. As the film ends, it shows Thao driving off in the Gran Torino with Daisy by his side.

  • Clint Eastwood as Walt Kowalski
  • Bee Vang as Thao Vang Lor, a young Hmong teenager
  • Ahney Her as Sue Lor, Thao's older sister
  • Christopher Carley as Father Janovich
  • Doua Moua as Fong "Spider", Thao's cousin, shot caller of a Hmong street gang and the main antagonist
  • Sonny Vue as Smokie, Fong's right-hand man
  • Brian Haley as Mitch Kowalski, Walt's older son Karen's husband, Josh and Ashley's father
  • Brian Howe as Steve Kowalski, Walt's younger son and Mitch's Brother
  • Geraldine Hughes as Karen Kowalski, Mitch's wife, Walt's daughter-in-law and mother of Ashley and Josh.
  • Dreama Walker as Ashley Kowalski, Mitch and Karens daughter and Walt's granddaughter
  • Michael E. Kurowski as Josh Kowalski, Mitch and Karens son and Walt's grandson
  • John Carroll Lynch as Martin, an Italian-American barber friend of Walt's
  • Chee Thao as Grandma Vang Lor, the matriarch of Thao's family
  • Choua Kue as Youa; a running gag involves Walt mispronouncing her name as "Yum-Yum"
  • Scott Eastwood as Trey, Sue's date

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