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The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Man this weekend was long!!!! To start things off, on Friday, I had to go to the dentist! Ugggggghhhhhh! How I hate it! I had to get 3 fillings, at first I was scared to death of this and then I find out getting a filling is not painful, the only pain I felt was the slight pricking of them numbing my gums to do the filling. When I was going home, the entire right side of my face was completely numb, so it felt like I had a fat lip because my lip was numb, so was part of my nose, and almost the entire right side of my face! The numbness is finally gone, thank God! And also while there, I got the little gap in between my 2 front teeth fixed so it looks not so stupid and not so big you could drive a Mack truck through.

On Saturday, we did a little Christmas shopping. I, of course, have not been able to start on mine because I have not been able to find what I'm looking for, and then all of a sudden, my step dad says forget about the CD of Def Leppard and just get him some new PJ's, he says he needs them, and he told me that if I can find some with anything pool table related on them, get them! So I am, however, everyone else in my family is already almost done with their shopping. And also, I've been on an obsessive hunt for a job and when I was checking my email, I received one from a Macy's store in Kenwood Township. It was for a Seasonal holiday Retail Associate, basically doing little grunt work around the store, helping fellow employees, the basic general rundown of that basically. Well, I'm going for it, because I don't know if I'm gonna find work closer to home, I mean, the only neighborhoods that might seem close to my new home is Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Kenwood, Western Hills. My step dad was kinda worried about me going for this job in Kenwood because he says it's kind of far from home, but I told him I'd go for it just to see what happens. Never hurts to try. And IDK, but I really have to wonder how Hyde Park in Ohio got it's name? My step dad seems to think it's because of the Hyde Park in London. Maybe it is.

On Sunday, we did a little more Christmas shopping. We went to Toys R Us in Western Hills to find it. God, I love this store. Nowadays, kids have all the cool toys! Besides, I was occupied trying to find this Disney Princess Mulan doll. She's my fave Disney Princess. One of my step dad's nephews, Nick, wants this big huge Nerf guns. If you don't know what these are, they are basically plastic guns that shoot foam darts with suction cups on the end or soft foam balls. He wants one called Alpha Trooper Blaster and when we found it, it looks like a Tommy Gun for crying out loud. And to add insult to injury, he also wants a snow blower. My mom said let his stupid rich grandparents get it for him, they're rich. So as u can see, my mom and my step dad's nephew's grandparents don't exactly see eye to eye. It's because Nick wants all the expensive stuff. And my mom and step dad also did a little shopping for me while I was in another part of the store. We also got Nick's brother Michael a couple video games. He's into all these war games, so we got him Call of Duty 3 and SOCOM: Army, at least I think that's it, idk. Wasn't paying much attention. So maybe during the week, I can go out and start my shopping finally, first my step dad. I love him dearly, but he's very difficult. I'm not sure where I'm going to find pajama pants with pool cues and pool balls on them in a large size.

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