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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Look What I Found, pt. II

OMG, you gotta see this!!!
Look what I found!!!!

Princess Mulan doll
-She's my favorite Disney princess. I'm so buying it!! It's $20 too!! Woo-hoo!! I'm going to spoil myslf with a pretty doll. And it's on Amazon too, sweet!!!!!! At least this is better than what Toys R Us wanted, they wanted $70 for her, and all the princesses together. I only like Mulan, she's my only favorite. I don't need the other ones!!!!!
Now, if they only had one of Mick Jagger that actually looked like Mick and not a woman with lips the size of England, then I'd really be satisfied, lol. But the only one I found for cheap, looked like a woman, with bright red lipstick on it, eww. Last time I checked, I didn't think Mick wore makeup except maybe eye shadow and jewels on the sides of his eyes and head.

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